Chest - Iron-clad chest

This chest contains different common and rare items

The number of the chests opened: 47868
The number of gained items: 47868
Cook gentleman's dinner1.3%
Black clothing1.13%
Black buckled belt0.74%
Black Indian pants0.73%
Black bone necklace0.72%
Black smooth leather shoes0.72%
Black shorts0.71%
Black bowler hat0.71%
Black jeans0.71%
Black bow tie0.71%
Black horse belt0.71%
Black pilgrim hat0.7%
Black cartridge belt0.7%
Black top hat0.7%
Black studded belt0.7%
Black woolly hat0.7%
Black soft leg guards0.7%
Black leather vest0.7%
Black shirt0.69%
Black pilgrim jacket0.69%
Black linen pants0.69%
Black sandals0.69%
Black pistol belt0.69%
Instructions: Cook the hottest chili in the West0.69%
Black sombrero0.69%
Black eagle belt0.69%
Black Stetson0.69%
Black boots0.68%
Black fur pants0.68%
Black arrowhead chain0.68%
Black work shoes0.68%
Instructions: Fabled antidote0.67%
Black waistcoat0.67%
Black ragged shoes0.67%
Fine black belt0.67%
Black headband0.67%
Black tooth chain0.67%
Black army pants0.66%
Black leather hat0.66%
Black moccasins0.66%
Black adventurer jacket0.66%
Black soldier jacket0.66%
Black coat0.66%
Black checkered shirt0.66%
Metal buffalo0.66%
Black rags0.66%
Black wool belt0.66%
Torn black pants0.66%
Black bow0.66%
Black overalls0.66%
Black Poncho0.66%
Black cowboy boots0.66%
Black Indian necklace0.65%
Black cap0.65%
Black leg guards0.65%
Black knee-breeches0.65%
Instructions: Pony express saddlery0.65%
Black slouch hat0.65%
Black knickerbockers0.65%
Black Indian clothing0.65%
Black plaid pants0.65%
Black skull belt0.65%
Black pilgrim shoes0.65%
Black tie0.64%
Black cowboy hat0.64%
Black stone chain0.64%
Black cotton shoes0.64%
Black riding boots0.64%
Lead bullet0.64%
Black cotton jacket0.64%
Black felt hat0.63%
Black dress coat0.63%
Black charlatan shoes0.63%
Black trapper hat0.62%
Instructions: Golden music box0.62%
Black shawl0.62%
Black plaid belt0.62%
Plain black pants0.62%
Black valenki0.62%
Black talisman0.61%
Black spiked shoes0.61%
Copper cross0.6%
Black leather pants0.6%
Black bandana0.59%
Black buffalo belt0.59%
Black leather jacket0.59%
Fancy leather jacket0.5%
Silver cross0.5%
Fancy waistcoat0.48%
Fancy boots0.47%
Precise slingshot0.47%
Fancy felt hat0.46%
Fancy cartridge belt0.46%
Fancy dress coat0.46%
Fancy pilgrim jacket0.45%
Fancy Stetson0.45%
Fancy leather hat0.45%
Fancy knee-breeches0.45%
Fancy tie0.45%
Fancy rags0.44%
Precise army revolver0.44%
Fancy sombrero0.44%
Fancy sandals0.44%
Fancy plaid belt0.44%
Fancy pilgrim hat0.44%
Precise musket0.44%
Fancy tooth chain0.44%
Fancy wool belt0.44%
Fancy torn pants0.44%
Fancy work shoes0.44%
Precise muzzle loader0.44%
Precise Schofield0.44%
Fancy spiked shoes0.44%
Precise Winchester0.43%
Fancy linen pants0.43%
Fancy moccasins0.43%
Precise bow0.43%
Fancy eagle belt0.43%
Silver bullet0.43%
Fancy buckled belt0.43%
Fancy plaid pants0.43%
Fancy soft leg guards0.43%
Fancy studded belt0.43%
Fancy charlatan shoes0.43%
Golden Indian necklace0.43%
Fancy bone necklace0.42%
Fancy Indian clothing0.42%
Fancy slouch hat0.42%
Precise Peacemaker0.42%
Fancy woolly hat0.42%
Fancy buffalo belt0.42%
Fancy skull belt0.42%
Fancy pilgrim shoes0.42%
Precise harquebus0.42%
Fancy ragged shoes0.42%
Fancy shirt0.42%
Fancy overalls0.41%
Fancy arrowhead chain0.41%
Precise revolver No 10.41%
Fancy bowler hat0.41%
Fancy pistol belt0.41%
Fancy cowboy boots0.41%
Fancy trapper hat0.41%
Fancy horse belt0.41%
Silver buffalo0.4%
Fancy clothes0.4%
Fancy talisman0.4%
Fancy plain pants0.4%
Fancy leg guards0.4%
Precise crossbow0.4%
Precise breech-loader0.4%
Fancy leather pants0.4%
Precise Deringer0.4%
Precise percussion rifle0.4%
Fancy shawl0.4%
Precise rifle0.4%
Fancy army pants0.4%
Fancy Indian pants0.4%
Fancy top hat0.4%
Precise coach gun0.4%
Fancy cap0.4%
Fancy soldier jacket0.39%
Fancy stone chain0.39%
Fancy shorts0.39%
Fancy smooth leather shoes0.39%
Fancy bandana0.39%
Fancy fur pants0.39%
Flannel shirt0.39%
Fancy bow tie0.38%
Fancy cotton shoes0.38%
Fancy riding boots0.38%
Fancy leather vest0.38%
Precise pepperbox revolver0.38%
Precise shotgun0.38%
Fancy cowboy hat0.38%
Fancy cotton jacket0.38%
Precise Buntline0.38%
Fancy knickerbockers0.38%
Fancy headband0.38%
Fancy poncho0.37%
Fancy fine belt0.37%
Fancy jeans0.37%
Fancy coat0.37%
Fancy bow0.37%
Fancy valenki0.37%
Precise pepper gun0.36%
Fancy adventurer jacket0.35%