Chest - Steel lined box

This chest contains rare, precise and fancy items as well as some special recipes.

The number of the chests opened: 44825
The number of gained items: 44824
Fancy army pants1.26%
Precise percussion rifle1.21%
Precise Schofield1.2%
Fancy bowler hat1.2%
Fancy shawl1.19%
Fancy top hat1.19%
Fancy tie1.19%
Fancy skull belt1.18%
Silver cross1.18%
Fancy leather vest1.18%
Fancy charlatan shoes1.18%
Fancy leather hat1.18%
Fancy pilgrim hat1.17%
Fancy cartridge belt1.17%
Fancy knee-breeches1.17%
Fancy dress coat1.16%
Fancy cowboy hat1.16%
Fancy adventurer jacket1.16%
Fancy cowboy boots1.16%
Silver bullet1.16%
Fancy moccasins1.16%
Fancy Indian clothing1.15%
Fancy pilgrim jacket1.15%
Fancy smooth leather shoes1.15%
Fancy pistol belt1.14%
Fancy riding boots1.14%
Precise Buntline1.14%
Fancy Indian pants1.14%
Fancy linen pants1.14%
Fancy boots1.13%
Fancy leather jacket1.13%
Fancy Stetson1.13%
Fancy trapper hat1.12%
Silver buffalo1.12%
Precise pepper gun1.11%
Precise breech-loader1.11%
Fancy leg guards1.1%
Fancy soldier jacket1.1%
Fancy valenki1.1%
Fancy felt hat1.1%
Fancy tooth chain1.1%
Fancy leather pants1.09%
Cook gentleman's dinner1.09%
Fancy soft leg guards1.08%
Precise Winchester1.08%
Fancy cotton jacket1.08%
Fancy coat1.06%
Fancy talisman1.05%
Fancy jeans1.04%
Precise coach gun1.04%
Instructions: Golden music box0.93%
Instructions: Fabled antidote0.93%
Instructions: Cook the hottest chili in the West0.92%
Instructions: Pony express saddlery0.83%
John Chamber's bandana0.73%
Ike Clanton's rags0.7%
Ned Buntline's plaid belt0.67%
Jim Baker's ragged shoes0.66%
Robert Campbell's cap0.65%
John Butterfield's wool belt0.64%
Frank Butler's Shorts0.64%
Nana's headband0.64%
Jim's torn pants0.63%
Figaro's Razor blade0.62%
Little Wolf's arrowhead chain0.61%
Roman Nose's stone chain0.6%
John Colter's woolly hat0.59%
Granmont's Pistol0.58%
Clint's Poncho0.58%
William Becknell's cotton shoes0.58%
Cody's dagger0.57%
Sunday clothing0.57%
Huckleberry's Slingshot0.56%
Tom Nixon's bow0.56%
James Pierson Beckwourth's work shoes0.54%
Thomas Hart Benton's fine belt0.53%
Huckleberry's plain pants0.53%
Kit Carson's checkered shirt0.5%
Juan Bautista de Anza's sandals0.5%
Chief Joseph's Indian necklace0.49%
Alexander Branch's slouch hat0.48%
Sam Houston's studded belt0.48%
Al Swearengen's eagle belt0.47%
Charles Autobee's pilgrim shoes0.47%
Bowie's knife0.46%
Bill Hickok's buffalo belt0.45%
Washington Irving's knickerbockers0.45%
Sacagawea's bone necklace0.45%
Nat's machete0.45%
Seth Bullock's horse belt0.44%
Reese Anderson's spiked shoes0.44%
Drake's muzzle loader0.44%
Jose Chavez y Baca's sombrero0.43%
Annie Oakley's plaid pants0.42%
Billy Clanton's shirt0.41%
Golden cross0.41%
Cheyenne's fur pants0.41%
Charles Goodnight's buckled belt0.41%
Bob Builder's overalls0.4%
Sitting Bull's talisman0.39%
Benjamin Louis Eulalie de Bonnevilles Valenki0.38%
Calamity Jane's cartridge belt0.38%
Doc Holliday's charlatan shoes0.38%
Stand Watie's boots0.37%
James Bridger's felt hat0.37%
Virgil Earp's vest0.36%
Tom Bell's pilgrim jacket0.36%
Crazy Horse's Indian clothing0.36%
Allen's pepperbox revolver0.36%
John Jacob Astor's smooth leather shoes0.35%
John Day's trapper hat0.35%
Belle Starr's Deringer0.35%
Harmonica's knee-breeches0.34%
Walkara's tooth chain0.34%
Owen McKenzie's tie0.34%
Athos' foil0.34%
Toussaint Charbonneaus bowler hat0.33%
Younger's revolver0.33%
Lucien Maxwell's bow tie0.33%
Morgan Earp's cloth jacket0.33%
Chief Ouray's moccasins0.33%
William Masterson's linen pants0.32%
Wells-Fargo's cowboy boots0.31%
Hernando's sword0.3%
Ike's Army revolver0.29%
Fred Dodge's jacket0.26%
Billy the Kid's skull belt0.25%
Henry Newton Brown's leather hat0.25%
Jesse James' Schofield0.24%
Counterfeit golden gun0.24%
Benjamin Clark's stetson0.24%
Cyrus Alexander's pilgrim hat0.24%
Merryweather Lewis' leather jacket0.24%
Ben Holliday's riding boots0.23%
Billy's Peacemaker0.23%
Jedediah Smith's leather vest0.23%
John Clum's shawl0.23%
Pat F. Garrett's jeans0.22%
George Crook's army pants0.22%
Tashunka's Tomahawk0.22%
Sacajawea's pants0.21%
Boone's Axe0.21%
Counterfeit golden sabre0.21%
Lincoln's top hat0.21%
Counterfeit golden colt0.21%
Golden buffalo0.2%
Golden bullet0.2%
Thomas Bogg's cowboy hat0.18%
Cochise's leather pants0.18%
Billy the Kid's leg guards0.17%
John Grizzly Adam's adventurer jacket0.14%
3. Key0.13%
Buffalo Bill's leg guards0.13%
William Tilghman's pistol belt0.13%
Bill Bowen's coat0.13%
Wyatt Earp's Colt Buntline0.12%
General Grant's sabre0.11%
Cathay William's soldier jacket0.08%