Chest - Fancy chest

This chest contains items worth over $5000.

The number of the chests opened: 46880
The number of gained items: 46877
Grey coat1.14%
Rusty Colt Buntline1.14%
Grey army pants1.11%
Grey pistol belt1.06%
Grey leather vest1.02%
Grey adventurer jacket1%
Grey leather pants0.88%
Red shawl0.85%
Yellow boots0.83%
Yellow trapper hat0.82%
Yellow leather jacket0.81%
Grey jeans0.81%
Green pilgrim hat0.81%
Yellow Indian pants0.8%
Yellow jacket0.8%
Yellow buffalo0.8%
Yellow knee-breeches0.8%
Red buffalo0.8%
Yellow army pants0.8%
Blue shawl0.8%
Yellow valenki0.79%
Green top hat0.79%
Jade bullet0.79%
Blue leg guards0.79%
Blue skull belt0.79%
Green leather hat0.78%
Yellow leather hat0.78%
Blue jacket0.78%
Green knee-breeches0.78%
Green shawl0.78%
Yellow Indian clothing0.78%
Green buffalo0.78%
Green boots0.77%
Yellow cowboy hat0.77%
Blue smooth leather shoes0.77%
Green cowboy hat0.77%
Green Indian pants0.77%
Green Indian clothing0.77%
Blue cowboy hat0.77%
Yellow skull belt0.77%
Blue Indian pants0.77%
Red top hat0.77%
Green smooth leather shoes0.76%
Yellow riding boots0.76%
Blue valenki0.76%
Yellow pilgrim hat0.76%
Blue boots0.76%
Green trapper hat0.76%
Blue army pants0.75%
Blue leather hat0.75%
Green leather jacket0.75%
Chalzedony bullet0.75%
Yellow top hat0.75%
Green cowboy boots0.74%
Green skull belt0.74%
Blue knee-breeches0.74%
Yellow cowboy boots0.74%
Coral bullet0.74%
Green jacket0.74%
Yellow leg guards0.74%
Blue Indian clothing0.73%
Blue riding boots0.73%
Green riding boots0.72%
Blue top hat0.72%
Green valenki0.72%
Yellow shawl0.72%
Green army pants0.72%
Blue trapper hat0.71%
Blue leather jacket0.71%
Blue pilgrim hat0.71%
Blue cowboy boots0.71%
Green leg guards0.7%
Blue buffalo0.7%
Sulfur bullet0.69%
Yellow smooth leather shoes0.68%
Black dress coat0.6%
Brown pilgrim hat0.6%
Black shawl0.59%
Black tie0.59%
Charlatan's shoes0.59%
Brown Indian clothing0.59%
Sharp cavalry sabre0.58%
Indian clothing0.58%
Precise Schofield0.58%
Brown skull belt0.58%
Precise percussion rifle0.58%
Black leg guards0.57%
Black valenki0.57%
Black pilgrim hat0.57%
Black cowboy boots0.57%
Black top hat0.57%
Copper bullet0.57%
Brown knee-breeches0.56%
Brown buffalo0.56%
Brown dress coat0.56%
Brown cowboy boots0.56%
Black Indian clothing0.56%
Brown trapper hat0.55%
Brown riding boots0.55%
Sharp lumberjack axe0.55%
Precise Buntline0.55%
Brown Indian pants0.54%
Black cowboy hat0.54%
Brown leather jacket0.54%
Black Indian pants0.54%
Brown cowboy hat0.54%
Brown top hat0.54%
Metal buffalo0.54%
Brown valenki0.54%
Precise pepper gun0.54%
Black skull belt0.53%
Brown shawl0.53%
Brown leg guards0.53%
Dancer's dress0.52%
Black trapper hat0.52%
Precise coach gun0.52%
Lead bullet0.52%
Brown boots0.52%
Brown smooth leather shoes0.51%
Precise Peacemaker0.51%
Black knee-breeches0.51%
Brown army pants0.5%
Black riding boots0.5%
Black smooth leather shoes0.49%
Black boots0.49%
Black leather jacket0.44%
Fancy pilgrim jacket0.38%
Fancy valenki0.37%
Fancy Indian clothing0.36%
Fancy trapper hat0.36%
Silver bullet0.35%
Fancy boots0.34%
Fancy bowler hat0.34%
Fancy linen pants0.34%
Fancy charlatan shoes0.34%
Fancy pilgrim hat0.33%
Fancy felt hat0.33%
Fancy knee-breeches0.33%
Fancy moccasins0.32%
Fancy tie0.32%
Fancy talisman0.31%
Fancy cowboy boots0.31%
Silver cross0.31%
Fancy tooth chain0.31%
Fancy smooth leather shoes0.3%
Fancy cartridge belt0.29%
Fancy overalls0.29%
Morgan Earp's cloth jacket0.15%
Doc Holliday's charlatan shoes0.13%
Harmonica's knee-breeches0.13%
William Masterson's linen pants0.13%
John Day's trapper hat0.13%
Walkara's tooth chain0.13%
Hernando's sword0.13%
Sitting Bull's talisman0.13%
James Bridger's felt hat0.12%
Stand Watie's boots0.12%
Ike's Army revolver0.12%
Cavalry sabre0.12%
Lucien Maxwell's bow tie0.12%
Allen's pepperbox revolver0.12%
Nat's machete0.12%
Bob Builder's overalls0.12%
Toussaint Charbonneaus bowler hat0.11%
Belle Starr's Deringer0.11%
Cheyenne's fur pants0.11%
John Jacob Astor's smooth leather shoes0.1%
Crazy Horse's Indian clothing0.1%
Younger's revolver0.1%
Wells-Fargo's cowboy boots0.1%
Golden cross0.1%
Owen McKenzie's tie0.09%
Athos' foil0.09%
Benjamin Louis Eulalie de Bonnevilles Valenki0.09%
Calamity Jane's cartridge belt0.09%
Chief Ouray's moccasins0.08%
Tom Bell's pilgrim jacket0.08%