Chest - Unique chest

This chest contains selected items worth at least $10000.

The number of the chests opened: 20456
The number of gained items: 20456
Brown coat2.84%
Black leather pants2.79%
Black adventurer jacket2.76%
Brown adventurer jacket2.71%
Black leather hat2.7%
Brown soft leg guards2.7%
Brown pistol belt2.69%
Brown soldier jacket2.68%
Precise breech-loader2.67%
Precise Winchester2.66%
Brown jeans2.63%
Black leather vest2.59%
Brown leather pants2.56%
Black coat2.55%
Brown leather vest2.54%
Brown Stetson2.51%
Black soldier jacket2.51%
Brown leather hat2.49%
Black jeans2.48%
Black army pants2.46%
Black soft leg guards2.45%
Black Stetson2.45%
Black pistol belt2.42%
Fancy leather hat1.44%
Fancy leather vest1.41%
Fancy Indian pants1.38%
Fancy Stetson1.35%
Fancy adventurer jacket1.35%
Fancy skull belt1.34%
Fancy pistol belt1.33%
Counterfeit golden gun1.32%
Fancy leg guards1.32%
Silver buffalo1.32%
Fancy shawl1.28%
Fancy soft leg guards1.27%
Fancy leather pants1.27%
Fancy riding boots1.26%
Fancy soldier jacket1.26%
Fancy coat1.24%
Fancy leather jacket1.24%
Fancy jeans1.23%
Counterfeit golden sabre1.23%
Fancy army pants1.19%
Counterfeit golden colt1.18%
Fancy dress coat1.11%
John Grizzly Adam's adventurer jacket0.59%
Merryweather Lewis' leather jacket0.57%
Bill Bowen's coat0.56%
Ben Holliday's riding boots0.55%
Billy the Kid's skull belt0.53%
George Crook's army pants0.52%
Golden buffalo0.52%
Buffalo Bill's leg guards0.52%
Cathay William's soldier jacket0.51%
Cochise's leather pants0.51%
Golden bullet0.5%
Benjamin Clark's stetson0.49%
Billy the Kid's leg guards0.49%
Pat F. Garrett's jeans0.49%
Sacajawea's pants0.49%
Jedediah Smith's leather vest0.48%
Fred Dodge's jacket0.48%
John Clum's shawl0.48%
Henry Newton Brown's leather hat0.47%
William Tilghman's pistol belt0.44%
General Grant's sabre0.31%
Tashunka's Tomahawk0.29%
Billy's Peacemaker0.28%
Jesse James' Schofield0.26%
Wyatt Earp's Colt Buntline0.23%
Boone's Axe0.23%