Chest - Beginner's bag

This chest contains items up to level 20.

The number of the chests opened: 11650
The number of gained items: 11650
Grey work shoes0.58%
Torn green pants0.58%
Jim Baker's ragged shoes0.58%
Blue bow0.58%
Green rags0.58%
Brown stone chain0.58%
Green Poncho0.57%
Green stone chain0.57%
Red bow0.56%
Blue cap0.56%
Red clothing0.56%
Green woolly hat0.56%
Fine black belt0.55%
Grey clothing0.55%
Fancy torn pants0.55%
Black cap0.55%
Brown shorts0.54%
Red shirt0.54%
Black plaid belt0.54%
Black clothing0.53%
Blue clothing0.53%
Fancy arrowhead chain0.53%
Brown arrowhead chain0.53%
Black sandals0.53%
Green shirt0.53%
Fancy fine belt0.53%
Plain grey pants0.53%
Grey cotton shoes0.53%
Clint's Poncho0.53%
Black rags0.53%
Blue Poncho0.53%
Fancy cap0.53%
Yellow woolly hat0.53%
Fancy ragged shoes0.52%
Yellow slouch hat0.52%
Roman Nose's stone chain0.52%
Fine yellow belt0.52%
Green shorts0.52%
Ike Clanton's rags0.52%
Brown ragged shoes0.52%
Brown cap0.52%
Grey shirt0.52%
Grey sandals0.52%
Huckleberry's Slingshot0.51%
Grey plaid pants0.51%
Grey bandana0.51%
Yellow shorts0.51%
Black shirt0.51%
Blue plaid belt0.51%
Fancy woolly hat0.51%
Grey knickerbockers0.51%
Black wool belt0.5%
Brown slouch hat0.5%
Green bandana0.5%
Brown bow0.5%
Green bow0.5%
Brown headband0.5%
Fine green belt0.5%
Black cotton shoes0.5%
Yellow Indian necklace0.5%
Blue bandana0.49%
Red Poncho0.49%
Yellow sandals0.49%
Green clothing0.49%
Broken whiskey bottle0.49%
Grey headband0.49%
Frank Butler's Shorts0.49%
Green slouch hat0.49%
Rusty rifle0.49%
Chief Joseph's Indian necklace0.48%
Grey wool belt0.48%
Thomas Hart Benton's fine belt0.48%
Blue arrowhead chain0.48%
Yellow headband0.48%
Washington Irving's knickerbockers0.48%
Yellow rags0.48%
Plain black pants0.47%
Rotten club0.47%
Jim's torn pants0.46%
Green plaid belt0.46%
Blue cotton shoes0.46%
Green cotton shoes0.46%
Black stone chain0.46%
Green sandals0.46%
Fancy sandals0.46%
Yellow cotton shoes0.46%
Red arrowhead chain0.46%
Sharp Razor blade0.46%
Torn brown pants0.46%
Precise slingshot0.45%
Yellow arrowhead chain0.45%
Green knickerbockers0.45%
Grey ragged shoes0.45%
Grey bow0.45%
Rusty harquebus0.45%
Broken clay jug0.45%
Green ragged shoes0.45%
Blue rags0.45%
Plain yellow pants0.45%
Fancy headband0.45%
Grey Poncho0.45%
Grey Indian necklace0.45%
Little Wolf's arrowhead chain0.45%
Sunday clothing0.45%
Red bandana0.45%
Green headband0.45%
Huckleberry's plain pants0.45%
Torn yellow pants0.45%
Broken wine bottle0.45%
Brown wool belt0.45%
Fancy shirt0.45%
Fancy cotton shoes0.44%
Blue shirt0.44%
Golden Indian necklace0.44%
Fancy clothes0.44%
Grey buckled belt0.44%
Grey rags0.44%
Brittle bow0.44%
Torn black pants0.44%
Black woolly hat0.44%
Black slouch hat0.44%
Fancy bandana0.44%
Black ragged shoes0.43%
Green Indian necklace0.43%
Brown plaid belt0.43%
Yellow wool belt0.43%
Fine grey belt0.43%
Fire stone0.43%
Brown woolly hat0.43%
Red stone chain0.43%
Blue slouch hat0.43%
Push dagger0.43%
Fancy wool belt0.43%
Black arrowhead chain0.43%
Blue buckled belt0.43%
Rusty shotgun0.42%
Ned Buntline's plaid belt0.42%
Fancy plain pants0.42%
John Chamber's bandana0.42%
Blue stone chain0.42%
Robert Campbell's cap0.42%
Plain green pants0.42%
Green wool belt0.42%
Rusty dagger0.42%
Black bandana0.42%
Precise bow0.41%
Club with nail0.41%
Yellow bow0.41%
John Colter's woolly hat0.41%
Plain blue pants0.41%
Blue shorts0.41%
Yellow ragged shoes0.41%
Black bow0.41%
Yellow clothing0.41%
Blue ragged shoes0.41%
Yellow shirt0.41%
Torn grey pants0.41%
Brittle crossbow0.4%
Yellow bandana0.4%
Worn out slingshot0.4%
Black shorts0.4%
Blue wool belt0.4%
Plain brown pants0.4%
Brown Indian necklace0.4%
Red woolly hat0.4%
Blue knickerbockers0.4%
Blue sandals0.4%
Fancy poncho0.39%
Fine blue belt0.39%
Fancy rags0.39%
Yellow stone chain0.39%
Red Indian necklace0.39%
Green cap0.39%
Yellow buckled belt0.39%
Brown cotton shoes0.39%
Brown clothing0.39%
William Becknell's cotton shoes0.39%
Grey checkered shirt0.39%
Grey arrowhead chain0.39%
Brown rags0.39%
Yellow Poncho0.39%
Fancy shorts0.39%
Green arrowhead chain0.39%
Blue woolly hat0.39%
Yellow knickerbockers0.38%
Grey stone chain0.38%
Nana's headband0.38%
Blue Indian necklace0.38%
Black headband0.38%
Brown shirt0.38%
Black Indian necklace0.37%
Brown sandals0.37%
Fancy plaid belt0.37%
Fine brown belt0.37%
Torn blue pants0.37%
Blue headband0.37%
Grey slouch hat0.37%
Grey plaid belt0.36%
Black Poncho0.35%
Fancy stone chain0.35%
Black knickerbockers0.34%
Yellow plaid belt0.34%
Fancy knickerbockers0.34%
Brown bandana0.33%
Yellow cap0.33%
John Butterfield's wool belt0.33%
Brown knickerbockers0.33%
Red headband0.33%
Grey cap0.33%
Red rags0.31%
Rusty Razor blade0.31%
Grey woolly hat0.31%
Brown Poncho0.29%
Grey shorts0.29%