Chest - Mega Christmas Bag 2013

Includes one of the set items from all 2013 events or one of the set items from Christmas 2013.

The number of the chests opened: 21177
The number of gained items: 21175
Elfego Baca's bandana1.61%
Freeman's bandana1.61%
Elfego Baca's hat1.57%
Will Munny's Hat1.5%
George McJunkin's Hat1.49%
Allan Quatermain's charm1.48%
Frank Eaton's Hat1.48%
Frank Eaton's Necktie1.48%
Cartwright's bandana1.48%
Chingachgook's talisman1.47%
King Fisher's Necklace1.47%
Natty Bumppo's hat1.46%
Natty Bumppo's fur scarf1.46%
King Fisher's Hat1.43%
Will Munny's bandana1.43%
Jeremiah Johnson's hat1.43%
Jeremiah Johnson's tie1.42%
Doc's hat1.42%
Chingachgook's crow1.39%
Cartwright's hat1.36%
George McJunkin's Necktie1.36%
Doc's tie1.35%
Freeman's hat1.35%
Allan Quatermain's hat1.32%
Winter hat1.26%
Will Munny's belt1.2%
Natty Bumppo's belt1.2%
Jeremiah Johnson's belt1.19%
Chingachgook's belt1.19%
Frank Eaton's Belt1.19%
Allan Quatermain's boots1.18%
Freeman's belt1.18%
Elfego Baca's boots1.17%
Chingachgook's boots1.17%
Cartwright's shoes1.16%
Winter boots1.15%
Doc's shoes1.13%
Elfego Baca's belt1.13%
Will Munny's boots1.13%
Winter charm1.12%
Winter belt1.12%
Allan Quatermain's cartridge belt1.11%
King Fisher's Boots1.1%
George McJunkin's Belt1.1%
Freeman's shoes1.08%
Cartwright's belt1.08%
Jeremiah Johnson's boots1.08%
King Fisher's Belt1.06%
Doc's belt1.05%
George McJunkin's Boots1.03%
Frank Eaton's Shoes1.02%
Natty Bumppo's boots0.96%
Allan Quatermain's pants0.79%
Cartwright's pants0.79%
Doc's pants0.75%
Freeman's pants0.71%
Chingachgook's breast plate0.7%
Elfego Baca's vest0.69%
Frank Eaton's Pants0.69%
Jeremiah Johnson's waistcoat0.68%
Will Munny's pants0.68%
George McJunkin's Jacket0.67%
Winter pants0.67%
Jeremiah Johnson's pants0.66%
Will Munny's coat0.66%
Chingachgook's pants0.66%
Natty Bumppo's pants0.66%
Allan Quatermain's jacket0.66%
King Fisher's Jacket0.62%
King Fisher's Pants0.62%
Freeman's jacket0.61%
Natty Bumppo's coat0.59%
Cartwright's vest0.59%
Doc's coat0.59%
George McJunkin's Pants0.58%
Frank Eaton's Jacket0.57%
Winter coat0.55%
Allan Quatermain's adventurer knife0.53%
Jeremiah Johnson's revolver0.53%
Allan Quatermain's rifle0.52%
Will Munny's rifle0.51%
Elfego Baca's pants0.5%
George McJunkin's Revolver0.5%
Winter horse0.49%
Cartwright's saddle0.49%
Natty Bumppo's Bear Killer0.48%
Natty Bumppo's flintlock pistol0.48%
Doc's saddle0.47%
Will Munny's revolver0.47%
Frank Eaton's Colt0.47%
Elfego Baca's axe0.47%
Freeman's saddle0.46%
Jeremiah Johnson's rifle0.46%
Elfego Baca's rifle0.44%
George McJunkin's Rifle0.44%
Winter bauble0.44%
Natty Bumppo's rifle0.44%
Chingachgook's gun0.44%
Winter revolver0.43%
Will Munny's sabre0.43%
Frank Eaton's Tomahawk 0.43%
King Fisher's Firearm0.43%
Frank Eaton's Rifle0.42%
Elfego Baca's revolver0.42%
Freeman's horse0.42%
King Fisher's Silver Dagger0.42%
George McJunkin's Hunting Knife0.4%
Chingachgook's hunting knife0.39%
Labor Day BBQ Tongs0.39%
King Fisher's Rifle0.38%
Chingachgook's muzzle loader0.36%
Jeremiah Johnson's hunting knife0.33%
Allan Quatermain's Revolver0.3%
Winter gun0.28%
Cartwright's horse0.28%
Winter knife0.24%
Doc's horse0.2%
Declaration of Independence0.17%