Chest - Unique precious chest

This chest contains selected items worth at least $15000

The number of the chests opened: 89744
The number of gained items: 89737
Brown chelsea boots1.54%
Black sigil belt1.27%
Brown gem belt1.24%
Brown suede boots1.22%
Black wild leather belt1.19%
Black silk pants1.18%
Black shell jacket1.16%
Black striped pants1.16%
Black hawk belt1.13%
Black jackboots1.12%
Black suede boots1.12%
Brown hawk belt1.11%
Brown buckled boots1.11%
Brown silk pants1.11%
Brown classy leather belt1.11%
Black cavalry hat1.1%
Brown cavalry hat1.1%
Brown wide brim hat1.1%
Brown striped pants1.1%
Black wild leather hat1.1%
Brown gold belt1.09%
Black Indian wild leather jacket1.09%
Brown wild leather hat1.09%
Brown sigil belt1.09%
Black classy leather belt1.09%
Brown gold ornate belt1.08%
Black brogan boots1.08%
Black silver buckle belt1.08%
Brown silk cylinder1.08%
Brown confederate frock1.08%
Black corduroy pants1.07%
Brown silver buckle belt1.07%
Black buckled boots1.07%
Brown denim hat1.07%
Black confederate frock1.07%
Black trader pants1.07%
Brown brogan boots1.07%
Brown jackboots1.07%
Black gold ornate belt1.07%
Brown fishing pants1.07%
Black fishing pants1.07%
Black chelsea boots1.07%
Brown trekking boots1.06%
Black wide brim hat1.06%
Brown hide jacket1.06%
Black gold belt1.06%
Black denim hat1.06%
Black gem belt1.05%
Brown corduroy pants1.05%
Black trekking boots1.05%
Brown Indian wild leather jacket1.05%
Brown wild leather belt1.05%
Black silk cylinder1.04%
Black buckskin coat1.03%
Brown trader pants1.03%
Black hide jacket1.03%
Brown buckskin coat1.02%
Brown shell jacket1%
Fancy corduroy pants0.77%
Modified precise breech loader0.76%
Fancy bone neckband0.73%
Modified precise musket0.73%
Fancy striped pants0.68%
Fancy trekking boots0.67%
Precise colt dragoon0.61%
Fancy fringed scarf0.59%
Fancy forage cap0.58%
Fancy buckled boots0.58%
Fancy hawk belt0.57%
Fancy confederate frock0.56%
Modified precise Winchester0.56%
Fancy silk pants0.56%
Precise colt navy revolver0.56%
Fancy buckskin coat0.56%
Fancy silk scarf0.55%
Modified precise percussion rifle0.54%
Fancy wild leather belt0.54%
Fancy ankle boots0.54%
Fancy heart of the prairie collar0.53%
Fancy gem leatherband0.53%
Fancy silver buckle belt0.53%
Fancy gold belt0.53%
Fancy silk cylinder0.53%
Fancy suede boots0.53%
Fancy gold ornate belt0.53%
Fancy wild leather hat0.53%
Fancy gem belt0.52%
Fancy classy leather belt0.52%
Fancy chelsea boots0.52%
Fancy sigil belt0.52%
Sharp nickel plated tomahawk0.52%
Fancy shell jacket0.52%
Fancy cavalry hat0.52%
Fancy feather headdress0.51%
Fancy wide brim hat0.51%
Precise single shot rifle0.51%
Fancy jackboots0.51%
Fancy amber necklace0.5%
Fancy brogan boots0.5%
Fancy denim hat0.5%
Precise double barrel shotgun0.5%
Fancy hide jacket0.5%
Fancy fishing pants0.5%
Fancy Indian wild leather jacket0.49%
Fancy trader pants0.47%
Precise trade musket0.47%
Roy Bean's brogan boots0.27%
Daniel Boone's wild leather belt0.25%
Jedediah Smith's ankle boots0.23%
Robert E. Lee's confederate frock0.23%
William Roger's leather belt0.23%
Nathaniel Bacon's silk cylinder0.23%
Tom Horn's jackboots0.23%
George Custer's cavalry hat0.22%
David Crockett's trekking boots0.22%
William Travis' forage cap0.22%
John Fremont's fishing pants0.22%
Kit Carson's hawk belt0.22%
Geronimo's feather headdress0.22%
George Custer's chelsea boots0.22%
James Marshall's gold belt0.22%
Pawnee Bill's gold ornate belt0.22%
Texas Jack's denim hat0.22%
Bill Pickett's fringed scarf0.21%
Emmett Dalton's striped pants0.21%
John Powell's suede boots0.21%
John Adams' silk pants0.21%
Cole Younger's buckled boots0.21%
Benjamin Brown's wide brim hat0.21%
Jim Baker's hide jacket0.21%
Ulysses Grant's shell jacket0.21%
Charles Goodnight's sigil belt0.21%
Black Bart's amber necklace0.21%
Samuel Clemens' wild leather hat0.21%
Bill Tilghman's silk scarf0.2%
Pat Garrett's gem leatherband0.2%
Connie Douglas' heart of the prairie collar0.2%
John Astor's buckskin coat0.2%
Blue Ducks' bone neckband0.2%
Sitting Bull's Indian wild leather jacket0.2%
James Bowie's corduroy pants0.19%
Heck Thomas' silver buckle belt0.19%
Pony Deal's colt cloverleaf0.19%
Jacob Davis' trader pants0.19%
Richard King's gem belt0.17%
Richard Brewer's modified percussion rifle0.12%
Meriwether Lewis' officer sabre0.12%
Chief Gall's nickel plated tomahawk0.12%
John Davis Albert's double barrel shotgun0.11%
Buckshot Robert's modified Winchester0.11%
Albert Jennings Fountain's modified breech loader0.11%
Clay Allison's modified musket0.11%
Wild Bill Longley's Merwin Hulbert revolver0.11%
John Wesley Hardin's colt dragoon0.1%
John Colter's silver mounted knife0.1%
Davy Crocket's war club0.1%
James Dolan's trade musket0.1%
Frank McNab's colt navy revolver0.09%
John Henry Tunstall's single shot rifle0.09%