Chest - Mega Christmas Bag 2014

Includes one of the set items from all 2014 events or one of the set items from Christmas 2014.

The number of the chests opened: 45146
The number of gained items: 45145
Nobleman's necklace1.79%
Aztecan topknot1.71%
Frank James's hat1.7%
Aztecan necklace1.66%
Nobleman's hat1.65%
Pat Desmond's scarf1.63%
Pat Desmond's hat1.62%
Bill Doolin's dustcloth1.6%
Cullen Baker's dustcloth1.58%
Ghost of Christmas present's hairdo1.58%
Ghost of Christmas past's chains1.57%
Black Bart's hat1.57%
Deadwood Dick's hat1.56%
Bob Dalton's scarf1.55%
Jesse Chisholm's scarf1.54%
Jesse Chisholm's hat1.54%
Bass Reeves' hat1.54%
Frank James' scarf1.53%
Bass Reeves' scarf1.53%
Black Bart's dustcloth1.51%
Deadwood Dick's scarf1.51%
Cullen Baker's hat1.49%
Bill Doolin's hat1.47%
Bob Dalton's hat1.47%
Nobleman's belt1.3%
Nobleman's shiny shoes1.29%
Aztecan boots1.26%
Bill Doolin's boots1.25%
Bob Dalton's boots1.24%
Bass Reeves' shoes1.23%
Black Bart's shoes1.22%
Cullen Baker's boots1.21%
Frank James' boots1.2%
Aztecan belt1.19%
Jesse Chisholm's boots1.18%
Pat Desmond's boots1.17%
Ghost of Christmas future's shoes1.16%
Black Bart's belt1.13%
Deadwood Dick's boots1.12%
Pat Desmond's belt1.1%
Frank James' belt1.09%
Bob Dalton's belt1.09%
Jesse Chisholm's belt1.06%
Cullen Baker's belt1.04%
Bass Reeves' belt1.03%
Ghost of Christmas present's belt1.03%
Deadwood Dick's belt1%
Bill Doolin's belt0.96%
Frank James' pants0.88%
Cullen Baker's pants0.87%
Cullen Baker's jacket0.87%
Bill Doolin's pants0.86%
Ghost of Christmas past's pants0.86%
Pat Desmond's shirt0.85%
Pat Desmond's pants0.85%
Frank James' shirt0.85%
Bob Dalton's pants0.84%
Ghost of Christmas future's cloak0.84%
Black Bart's jacket0.83%
Deadwood Dick's jacket0.82%
Bob Dalton's coat0.82%
Bill Doolin's coat0.82%
Nobleman's suit jacket0.8%
Aztecan pants0.79%
Bass Reeves' coat0.79%
Deadwood Dick's pants0.79%
Bass Reeves' pants0.79%
Black Bart's pants0.79%
Jesse Chisholm's pants0.77%
Jesse Chisholm's jacket0.74%
Nobleman's suit pants0.71%
Aztecan top0.7%
Nobleman's saddle0.57%
Bob Dalton's saddle0.51%
Deadwood Dick's saddle0.51%
Jesse Chisholm's horse0.5%
Aztecan saddle0.5%
Bill Doolin's saddle0.49%
Bill Doolin's horse0.49%
Jesse Chisholm's saddle0.48%
Bob Dalton's horse0.47%
Frank James's saddle0.47%
Nobleman's horse0.46%
Deadwood Dick's horse0.46%
Frank James's horse0.44%
Black Bart's saddle0.41%
Black Bart's horse0.41%
Bass Reeves' revolver0.4%
Nobleman's revolver0.37%
Ebenezer's cane0.37%
Pat Desmond's dagger0.37%
Nobleman's rifle0.36%
Cullen Baker's revolver0.36%
Nobleman's dagger0.36%
Christmas shotgun0.36%
Pat Desmond's revolver0.35%
Cullen Baker's razor0.35%
Cullen Baker's rifle0.33%
Christmas derringer0.33%
Bass Reeves' knife0.33%
Bass Reeves' rifle0.33%
Pat Desmond's rifle0.32%