Chest - Mega Christmas Bag 2015

Includes one of the set items from all 2015 events or one of the set items from Christmas 2015. Also there is a chance to get the Venomous Snake or one of the Collectors Sale items.

The number of the chests opened: 50246
The number of gained items: 50245
Builder's stetson1.7%
Builder's neck cloth1.65%
Bartender's hat1.64%
Eastwood's dustcloth1.63%
Nicolas' hat1.6%
Pinter's tie1.6%
Pinter's hat1.59%
Nicolas' scarf1.59%
Earp's hat1.58%
Eastwood's stetson1.57%
Scout's necktie1.56%
Prospector's hat1.56%
Scout's hat1.55%
Earp's bowtie1.55%
Bartender's bowtie1.53%
Prospector's dust cloth1.52%
Corey's scarf1.48%
Skarunyate's necktie1.45%
Gordon's stetson1.45%
Corey's stetson1.42%
Collin's sun hat1.41%
Aird's miner helmet1.4%
Collin's coin chain1.39%
Nicolas' belt1.35%
Skarunyate's hat1.34%
Aird's whistle1.31%
Pinter's boots1.31%
Nicolas' boots1.29%
Earp's holster belt1.28%
Prospector's belt1.27%
Eastwood's boots1.26%
Bartender's shoes1.26%
Eastwood's holster belt1.25%
Gordon's necktie1.23%
Prospector's boots1.22%
Scout's belt1.21%
Builder's boots1.2%
Builder's belt1.2%
Earp's boots1.19%
Scout's long boots1.18%
Corey's boots1.17%
Corey's belt1.15%
Bartender's belt1.15%
Pinter's holster belt1.15%
Aird's worn shoes1.14%
Gordon's ribbon1.14%
Collin's ammunition belt1.11%
Collin's boots1.11%
Skarunyate's belt1.1%
Aird's belt1.08%
Gordon's shoes1.03%
Skarunyate's shoes1.02%
Eastwood's pants0.88%
Prospector's pants0.84%
Nicolas' coat0.84%
Bartender's apron0.84%
Nicolas' pants0.83%
Pinter's pants0.79%
Builder's pants0.79%
Earp's pants0.75%
Corey's chaps0.75%
Scout's pants0.73%
Builder's shirt0.7%
Prospector's shirt0.7%
Scout's jacket0.7%
Aird's pants0.69%
Gordon's pants0.69%
Bartender's shirt0.67%
Pinter's coat0.67%
Eastwood's vest0.66%
Skarunyate's pants0.66%
Skarunyate's jacket0.66%
Collin's pants0.66%
Aird's old shirt0.66%
Earp's coat and vest0.65%
Gordon's coat0.63%
Corey's jacket0.57%
Collin's shirt0.51%
Leather whip0.42%
Old Smith & Wesson revolver0.36%
Builder's saddle0.36%
Black revolver0.34%
Black rifle0.34%
Builder's mare0.34%
Old hunters rifle0.34%
Small caliber weapon0.34%
Eastwood's rifle0.33%
Black adventure knife0.33%
Scout's saddle0.33%
Prospector's gold pan0.33%
Aird's rusty revolver0.32%
Corey's bone knife0.32%
Scout's stallion0.31%
Sequah's instant relief0.31%
Small knife0.31%
Apache bow0.31%
Western revolver0.31%
Aird's shotgun0.3%
Blackfoot axe0.3%
Collin's campaign sword0.3%
Corey's fort rifle0.3%
Gordon's painted horse0.29%
Sioux axe0.29%
Sequah's Oil0.29%
Corey's shotgun0.29%
Mojave bow0.29%
Aird's whip0.28%
Xoloitucuintli dog0.27%
Western gun0.27%
Collin's battle rifle0.27%
Collin's repeating pistol0.27%
Prospector's donkey0.18%
General Grant's green glowing sabre0.13%
Wyatt Earp's Glowcaster0.12%
Venomous snake0.11%
Wyatt Earp's Stormshooter0.11%
General Grant's blue glowing sabre0.1%
General Grant's red glowing sabre0.09%
Wyatt Earp's Millenium gun0.09%