Chest - Mega Christmas Bag 2016

Includes one of the set items from all 2016 events. Also, there is a chance to get Your testament, the Indian war paint or one of the items from the Ded Moroz set (Christmas 2016).

The number of the chests opened: 61283
The number of gained items: 61281
Ded Moroz's hat1.58%
Villa's hat1.55%
Detective's hat1.54%
Shawnee's necklace1.54%
Runner’s lucky necklace1.53%
Stranger‘s favorite hat1.53%
Ded Moroz's beard1.53%
Wanderer's hat1.52%
Wanderer's scarf1.52%
Dancer head band1.51%
Detective's whistle1.5%
Villa's scarf1.49%
Hombre's neck cloth1.48%
Smithy’s dusty hat1.48%
Crow's amulet1.48%
Stranger’s red tie1.47%
Seminole's head cloth1.47%
Shawnee's headband1.46%
Lee's bowtie1.46%
Lee's hat1.46%
Smithy’s dusty cloth1.45%
Hombre's sombrero1.45%
Dancer neck cloth1.44%
Seminole's neck cloth1.43%
Runner’s straw hat1.42%
Crow's hat1.4%
Seminole's cloth belt1.23%
Dancer belt1.22%
Smithy’s dusty shoes1.22%
Shawnee's moccasins1.22%
Hombre's shoes1.22%
Ded Moroz's belt1.21%
Stranger’s proud belt1.21%
Seminole's shoes1.2%
Crow's moccasins1.2%
Detective's belt1.2%
Detective's shoes1.2%
Ded Moroz's boots1.19%
Villa's boots1.19%
Wanderer's belt1.19%
Lee's belt1.18%
Lee's boots1.18%
Smithy’s leather apron1.18%
Villa's belt1.17%
Dancer shoes1.17%
Runner’s unusual belt1.16%
Runner’s comfy shoes1.16%
Wanderer's boots1.15%
Hombre's belt1.15%
Crow's belt1.14%
Stranger’s high boots1.13%
Shawnee's belt1.11%
Villa's pants0.82%
Hombre's pants0.8%
Ded Moroz's pants0.79%
Detective's pants0.79%
Crow's pants0.78%
Seminole's skirt0.77%
Smithy’s dusty pants0.77%
Shawnee's pants0.76%
Wanderer's pants0.74%
Dancer pants0.73%
Stranger’s festive pants0.73%
Runner’s balloon pants0.73%
Lee's pants0.72%
Seminole's shirt0.67%
Wanderer's coat0.67%
Runner’s chinese shirt0.67%
Hombre's jacket0.66%
Ded Moroz's coat0.65%
Shawnee's shirt0.65%
Stranger’s warm coat0.65%
Detective's coat0.64%
Dancer shirt0.63%
Villa's jacket0.62%
Crow's coat0.62%
Lee's coat0.6%
Indian war paint0.59%
Smithy’s dusty shirt0.57%
Shawnee's tomahawk0.39%
Your testament0.37%
Seminole's revolver0.36%
Hombre's sawed-off shotgun0.36%
Seminole's rifle0.35%
Ded Moroz's magic stick0.35%
Wanderer's knife0.35%
Seminole's axe0.34%
Shawnee's luger0.34%
Dancer maracas0.34%
Detective's club0.33%
Dancer castanets0.33%
Detective's revolver0.32%
Hombre's vampire colt0.32%
Lee's saber0.32%
Lee's rifle0.32%
Villa's mauser0.31%
Villa's colt0.31%
Villa's bolo0.31%
Shawnee's rifle0.31%
Dancer hand fan0.3%
Wanderer's Thunder0.3%
Wanderer's rifle0.3%
Lee's revolver0.3%
Hombre's knife0.28%
Ded Moroz's snow flakes0.28%
Ded Moroz's snowballs0.28%
Detective's rifle0.27%
Runner's cart0.25%
Ded Moroz's aurochs0.24%
Hombre's mount0.24%
Smithy’s trusty steed0.23%
Stranger’s grey stallion0.23%
Runner’s lucky charm0.22%
Ded Moroz's lantern0.21%
Dancer doll0.2%
Hombre's doll0.2%
Stranger’s beige gloves0.2%
Dancer horse0.19%
Smithy’s simple saddle0.19%
Gordon's stetson0.01%
Collin's coin chain~0%
Corey's jacket~0%
Skarunyate's hat~0%
Corey's scarf~0%
Aird's whistle~0%
Corey's belt~0%
Skarunyate's jacket~0%
Aird's rusty revolver~0%
Collin's ammunition belt~0%
Collin's boots~0%
Corey's stetson~0%
Aird's belt~0%
Corey's chaps~0%
Gordon's necktie~0%
Aird's miner helmet~0%
Collin's pants~0%
Aird's worn shoes~0%
Skarunyate's belt~0%
Aird's old shirt~0%
Skarunyate's shoes~0%
Gordon's shoes~0%
Western gun~0%