Chest - Bandit's chest

You can find a buff or - with a minor chance - an item of the Outlaw's set.

The number of the chests opened: 21760
The number of gained items: 21760
Tiny tax refund6.16%
Very little mojo5.95%
A little bit of red liquid5.87%
Single clover leaf5.76%
Tax refund5.17%
Sizable tax refund5.11%
A lot of red liquid5.04%
Three clover leaves5.03%
Small tax refund5.02%
A small bouquet of clover4.95%
Big mojo4.88%
A bit of red liquid4.79%
Two clover leaves4.78%
Red liquid4.76%
Little mojo4.75%
Lots of red liquid4.04%
Big bouquet of clover3.96%
Large tax refund3.86%
Very large mojo3.8%
The Outlaw's coat0.27%
The Outlaw's pants0.22%
The Outlaw's dustcloth0.22%
The Outlaw's boots0.2%
The Outlaw's hat0.17%
The Outlaw's belt0.17%