Chest - Rare Easter chest

This chest contains a rare item from previous Easter events.

The number of the chests opened: 8101
The number of gained items: 8101
Pat Desmond's rifle3.47%
Cullen Baker's revolver3.41%
Cullen Baker's rifle3.22%
Shawnee's rifle3.2%
Wanderer's Thunder3.2%
Shawnee's luger3.17%
Small caliber weapon3.15%
Wanderer's knife3.12%
Black adventure knife3.05%
Bass Reeves' knife3.05%
Cullen Baker's razor3.02%
Old Smith & Wesson revolver3.01%
Bass Reeves' revolver2.99%
Bass Reeves' rifle2.99%
Old hunters rifle2.97%
Wanderer's rifle2.94%
Black revolver2.91%
Detective's rifle2.91%
Eastwood's rifle2.88%
Black rifle2.86%
Pat Desmond's dagger2.85%
Leather whip2.85%
Detective's revolver2.8%
Detective's club2.8%
Small knife2.79%
Pat Desmond's revolver2.78%
Shawnee's tomahawk2.73%
John Wesley Hardin's rifle2.49%
Butch Cassidy's rifle2.2%
Pat Garrett's revolver2.12%
Pat Garrett's rifle2.12%
John Wesley Hardin's knife2.09%
John Wesley Hardin's revolver2%
Pat Garrett's knife1.99%
Butch Cassidy's knife1.94%
Butch Cassidy's revolver1.93%