Chest - Uncommon Easter chest

This chest contains an item from previous Easter events.

The number of the chests opened: 6105
The number of gained items: 6105
Wanderer's coat5.01%
Cullen Baker's dustcloth1.8%
Pat Desmond's shirt1.74%
Pinter's coat1.7%
Cullen Baker's boots1.69%
Earp's hat1.67%
Pinter's boots1.67%
Wanderer's boots1.65%
Cullen Baker's hat1.64%
Bass Reeves' belt1.64%
Bass Reeves' shoes1.62%
Earp's coat and vest1.62%
Bass Reeves' pants1.61%
Cullen Baker's jacket1.59%
Detective's belt1.56%
Bass Reeves' hat1.54%
Pinter's pants1.54%
Eastwood's holster belt1.52%
Earp's holster belt1.51%
Earp's bowtie1.49%
Detective's coat1.49%
Wanderer's belt1.49%
Wanderer's pants1.47%
Detective's shoes1.47%
Eastwood's vest1.47%
Bass Reeves' scarf1.46%
Detective's hat1.44%
Eastwood's pants1.44%
Pat Desmond's boots1.43%
Eastwood's dustcloth1.43%
Detective's pants1.43%
Detective's whistle1.41%
Pinter's tie1.41%
Pat Desmond's pants1.41%
Shawnee's shirt1.41%
Shawnee's moccasins1.39%
Cullen Baker's pants1.39%
Bass Reeves' coat1.39%
Cullen Baker's belt1.38%
Eastwood's stetson1.38%
Pinter's holster belt1.38%
Earp's boots1.36%
Shawnee's belt1.36%
Wanderer's scarf1.36%
Shawnee's necklace1.34%
Pat Desmond's scarf1.34%
Shawnee's headband1.33%
Eastwood's boots1.31%
Wanderer's hat1.29%
Pat Desmond's belt1.28%
Earp's pants1.26%
Pinter's hat1.26%
Butch Cassidy's shoes1.26%
Pat Desmond's hat1.24%
Butch Cassidy's coat1.23%
Pat Garrett's pants1.2%
Pat Garrett's hat1.18%
Butch Cassidy's pants1.11%
Pat Garrett's scarf1.06%
John Wesley Hardin's coat1.06%
John Wesley Hardin's hat1.05%
Butch Cassidy's hat1.02%
Pat Garrett's shoes1.02%
Butch Cassidy's tie1.02%
John Wesley Hardin's shoes0.98%
John Wesley Hardin's tie0.98%
Pat Garrett's belt0.97%
John Wesley Hardin's pants0.9%
Pat Garrett's vest0.84%
Butch Cassidy's belt0.82%
John Wesley Hardin's belt0.8%