Chest - Very rare Independence Day chest

Contains either one set or one of the delivery certificate from previous Independence Day events or the Declaration of Independence.

The number of the chests opened: 1195
The number of gained items: 1195
Horse delivery certificate6.11%
Chinese cart runner's chest5.69%
Blacksmith's chest5.69%
Will Munny's bag5.44%
Bob Dalton's chest5.36%
Horse delivery certificate5.1%
Horse delivery certificate4.77%
Scout's chest4.69%
Black Bart's chest4.6%
Builder's chest4.52%
Horse delivery certificate4.52%
Stranger from the North's chest4.44%
Declaration of Independence4.44%
Jeremiah Johnson's bag4.44%
Weapon delivery4.35%
Elfego Baca's bag4.02%
Jesse Chisholm's chest3.93%
Prospector's chest3.77%
Juan Ponce de León's chest3.51%
Benjamin Franklin's chest3.35%
Francisco Pizarro's chest2.93%
J. Hancock's chest1.42%
J. Dickinson's chest1.42%
J. Adams's chest0.92%
Animal delivery certificate0.59%