Chest - Rare Independence Day chest

Contains an item (shirts, pants and shoes) from the previous Independence Day events.

The number of the chests opened: 4432
The number of gained items: 4432
Runner’s balloon pants3.59%
Smithy’s dusty shirt3.29%
Runner’s chinese shirt3.2%
Bob Dalton's boots3.14%
Runner’s comfy shoes3.05%
Jesse Chisholm's boots2.96%
Bob Dalton's coat2.96%
Black Bart's jacket2.91%
Builder's boots2.89%
Stranger’s festive pants2.87%
Black Bart's shoes2.84%
Scout's pants2.82%
Stranger’s high boots2.82%
Scout's long boots2.8%
Prospector's boots2.75%
Stranger’s warm coat2.71%
Scout's jacket2.66%
Prospector's shirt2.66%
Smithy’s dusty pants2.59%
Black Bart's pants2.59%
Jesse Chisholm's jacket2.57%
Jesse Chisholm's pants2.55%
Bob Dalton's pants2.48%
Juan Ponce de León's armor2.48%
Builder's shirt2.46%
Builder's pants2.46%
Prospector's pants2.44%
Benjamin Franklin's coat2.26%
Smithy’s dusty shoes2.19%
Juan Ponce de León's pants2.12%
Benjamin Franklin's pants1.92%
Benjamin Franklin's shoes1.9%
Francisco Pizarro's pants1.83%
Francisco Pizarro's shoes1.81%
Juan Ponce de León's shoes1.71%
Francisco Pizarro's armor1.65%
Elfego Baca's vest0.93%
Elfego Baca's pants0.9%
Will Munny's boots0.83%
Elfego Baca's boots0.81%
Jeremiah Johnson's pants0.79%
Will Munny's coat0.79%
Will Munny's pants0.79%
Jeremiah Johnson's boots0.7%
Jeremiah Johnson's waistcoat0.54%