Chest - Uncommon Independence chest

Contains an item (hats, necklaces and belts) from previous Independence Day events.

The number of the chests opened: 26695
The number of gained items: 26694
Benjamin Franklin's hat2.79%
Runner’s straw hat2.69%
Scout's hat2.69%
Runner’s lucky necklace2.69%
Prospector's hat2.69%
Stranger’s red tie2.68%
Prospector's dust cloth2.64%
Smithy’s dusty hat2.64%
Jesse Chisholm's belt2.63%
Jesse Chisholm's scarf2.63%
Bob Dalton's belt2.61%
Black Bart's belt2.61%
Bob Dalton's scarf2.58%
Scout's necktie2.57%
Black Bart's hat2.55%
Smithy’s dusty cloth2.54%
Stranger’s proud belt2.54%
Scout's belt2.54%
Jesse Chisholm's hat2.52%
Builder's stetson2.51%
Builder's belt2.48%
Prospector's belt2.48%
Builder's neck cloth2.47%
Black Bart's dustcloth2.46%
Smithy’s leather apron2.45%
Bob Dalton's hat2.39%
Benjamin Franklin's tie2.35%
Runner’s unusual belt2.35%
Stranger‘s favorite hat2.3%
Francisco Pizarro's collar2.22%
Juan Ponce de León's collar2.19%
Juan Ponce de León's hat2.11%
Francisco Pizarro's helmet2.06%
Juan Ponce de León's belt2.03%
Benjamin Franklin's belt1.99%
Francisco Pizarro's belt1.97%
J. Dickinson's belt1.04%
J. Hancock's scarf0.98%
J. Dickinson's scarf0.97%
J. Adams's hat0.96%
J. Hancock's belt0.94%
J. Hancock's hat0.94%
J. Dickinson's hat0.92%
J. Adams's belt0.91%
J. Adams's scarf0.89%
Elfego Baca's bandana0.51%
Jeremiah Johnson's tie0.48%
Elfego Baca's hat0.48%
Elfego Baca's belt0.46%
Jeremiah Johnson's belt0.46%
Will Munny's Hat0.43%