Chest - Uncommon Oktoberfest chest

Contains either one head, neck or belt item from previous Oktoberfest events.

The number of the chests opened: 24653
The number of gained items: 24653
Villa's hat4.05%
Aird's belt4.03%
Collin's ammunition belt4.02%
Villa's belt3.94%
Collin's coin chain3.94%
Seminole's neck cloth3.9%
Villa's scarf3.87%
Aird's whistle3.81%
Collin's sun hat3.81%
Corey's stetson3.79%
Seminole's head cloth3.78%
Seminole's cloth belt3.76%
Corey's scarf3.75%
Lee's belt3.74%
Aird's miner helmet3.66%
Corey's belt3.64%
Lee's hat3.6%
Lee's bowtie3.6%
Henry Miller's belt2.71%
Amish belt2.7%
Henry Miller's hat2.68%
Amish tie2.54%
William Penn's scarf2.46%
Henry Miller's tie2.45%
William Penn's belt2.44%
Amish hat2.42%
Frank James's hat1.31%
Deadwood Dick's hat1.29%
Bill Doolin's belt1.28%
Bill Doolin's dustcloth1.23%
Deadwood Dick's scarf1.18%
Frank James' belt1.18%
Bill Doolin's hat1.17%
Frank James' scarf1.16%
Deadwood Dick's belt1.1%