Chest - Very rare Oktoberfest chest

Contains either one weapon, horse or yield item from previous Oktoberfest events.

The number of the chests opened: 9226
The number of gained items: 9226
Collin's campaign sword5.27%
Villa's bolo4.25%
Aird's shotgun4.23%
Seminole's axe4.11%
Seminole's rifle4.02%
Aird's rusty revolver3.92%
Seminole's revolver3.92%
Lee's saber3.9%
Collin's repeating pistol3.89%
Aird's whip3.88%
Villa's colt3.86%
Villa's mauser3.79%
Corey's fort rifle3.79%
Lee's rifle3.77%
Corey's bone knife3.7%
Collin's battle rifle3.69%
Lee's revolver3.63%
Corey's shotgun3.6%
Henry Miller's gun3.07%
William Penn's gun2.82%
William Penn's flintlock2.74%
Amish horse2.71%
Henry Miller's pistol2.71%
William Penn's sword2.62%
Henry Miller's knife2.59%
Amish carriage2.57%
Bill Doolin's horse1.33%
Bill Doolin's saddle1.32%
Frank James's saddle1.12%
Frank James's horse1.07%
Deadwood Dick's horse1.06%
Deadwood Dick's saddle1.04%