Chest - Christmas 2017 chest

This chest includes all the items from the Gnome and Elf set. You can either wear one of the sets, depending on your character's gender. The other set is auctionable.

The number of the chests opened: 1748
The number of gained items: 38436
Gnome's pointed cap100%
Gnome's collar100%
Elf's dress99.94%
Elf's belt99.94%
Elf's tights99.94%
Elf's shoes99.94%
Elf's deer99.94%
Elf's gift99.94%
Elf's bell99.94%
Elf's hammer99.94%
Elf's collar99.94%
Elf's pointed cap99.94%
Gnome's water colours99.94%
Gnome's shirt99.94%
Gnome's belt99.94%
Gnome's pants99.94%
Gnome's shoes99.94%
Gnome's polar bear99.94%
Gnome's gift99.94%
Gnome's bell99.94%
Gnome's hammer99.94%
Elf's water colours99.94%