Chest - Snowball

A perfectly round snowball!

The number of the chests opened: 195999
The number of gained items: 195998
Upper left corner of the map11.12%
Lower right corner of the map11.08%
Lower left corner of the map11.02%
Upper right corner of the map11.01%
Simple work instructions3.41%
Ground rocket turtle shell3.4%
Life juice3.34%
Luck boost3.33%
Liquid life3.32%
Product boost3.26%
90 Bonds2.3%
Advanced work instructions2.27%
Income bonus medal2.26%
40 Bonds2.24%
Automation bonus medal2.23%
Energy bonus medal2.22%
Mate tea2.21%
Character bonus medal2.17%
An exclusive present1.17%
3 day VIP Longtimer1.13%
Winter chest1.1%
Ghosts of Christmas chest1.1%
200 Bonds1.09%
Christmas 2015 Chest1.08%
Christmas Chest 20161.07%