Chest - Blue card

The West is proud to announce the release of an elite collector card series, The Wild League 2018. This sensational new collection features all the greatest stars from the Wild League on the blue cards, including desirable autographs. You can also find different products or items in collector cards.

The number of the chests opened: 917757
The number of gained items: 917753
The West Wild League Cards15.3%
Twelve year old whiskey15.22%
Cherry cake5.12%
Simple work instructions5.12%
Black soccer ball5.11%
Simple detailed work instructions4.12%
Life juice3.05%
Automation bonus medal2.07%
Liquid life2.07%
Blue crayon2.06%
40 Bonds2.05%
Red crayon2.04%
Character bonus medal2.03%
Mate tea2.03%
Health elixir2.03%
Income bonus medal2.03%
Energy bonus medal2.02%
Green crayon2%
Soccer shorts1.05%
Higher speed bonus medal1.04%
Referee Whistle1.04%
90 Bonds1.03%
Ground rocket turtle shell1.03%
Soccer shirt1.03%
3 day VIP Longtimer1.03%
Soccer ball1.02%
200 Bonds1.02%
Soccer shoes1.01%
Potion of Forgetfulness1%