Chest - Mega Christmas Bag 2018

There's a chance to get one item from previous events we ran in 2018 or the Belschnickel's items from Christmas set from 2018.

The number of the chests opened: 275995
The number of gained items: 275946
Henry Hooker's boots0.97%
Henry Hooker's fastened shirt0.95%
Little Britches' pants0.95%
Moonshiner's slippers0.95%
Emiliano Zapata's rifle0.95%
J. Dickinson's saddle0.94%
Mountain Farmer's boots0.91%
Belschnickel's coat0.89%
Henry Hooker's belt0.89%
Preacher's pants0.89%
Preacher's belt0.88%
Joaquin Murrieta's boots0.88%
Sullyvan's hat0.88%
Mountain Farmer's hat0.88%
Henry Hooker's knife0.88%
J. Hancock's shoes0.88%
Emiliano Zapata's hat0.88%
Preacher's book0.87%
J. Adams's boots0.87%
Little Britches' scarf0.87%
Emiliano Zapata's saddle0.87%
David C. McCanles's rifle0.87%
Mountain Farmer's pickaxe0.87%
Henry Hooker's pants0.87%
J. Dickinson's pants0.87%
J. Adams's belt0.87%
Henry Hooker's revolver0.86%
Joaquin Murrieta's hat0.86%
Mountain Farmer's bucket with stones0.86%
Moonshiner's hat0.86%
J. Adams's saddle0.86%
Emiliano Zapata's necktie0.86%
Henry Hooker's rifle0.86%
Sullyvan's belt0.86%
Preacher's necklace with a cross0.86%
Belschnickel's tabacco pipe0.86%
David C. McCanles's sword0.86%
David C. McCanles's vest0.86%
Joaquin Murrieta's rapier0.86%
Joaquin Murrieta's belt0.86%
Sullyvan's jacket0.86%
J. Hancock's dog0.86%
Moonshiner's shirt0.86%
David C. McCanles's hat0.86%
Mountain Farmer's shirt0.86%
Henry Hooker's scarf0.86%
Little Britches' hat0.85%
Little Britches' belt0.85%
Moonshiner's scarf0.85%
Emiliano Zapata's horse0.85%
Emiliano Zapata's revolver0.85%
J. Adams's horse0.85%
Emiliano Zapata's leather pants0.85%
Belschnickel's old pants0.85%
J. Dickinson's hat0.85%
J. Dickinson's shoes0.85%
Mountain Farmer's pants0.85%
Little Britches' shirt0.85%
Joaquin Murrieta's scarf0.85%
J. Adams's scarf0.85%
Preacher's jacket0.85%
Little Britches' rifle0.85%
Sullyvan's scarf0.85%
Moonshiner's rifle0.85%
J. Hancock's hat0.85%
Mountain Farmer's scarf0.85%
David C. McCanles's belt0.85%
J. Hancock's book0.85%
Preacher's rifle0.84%
J. Adams's jacket0.84%
Emiliano Zapata's belt0.84%
J. Adams's pants0.84%
J. Hancock's pants0.84%
J. Dickinson's belt0.84%
Preacher's gun0.84%
Moonshiner's knife0.84%
Belschnickel's birch rod0.84%
Joaquin Murrieta's musket0.84%
Preacher's hat0.84%
J. Hancock's suit0.84%
Mountain Farmer's hammer0.84%
Little Britches' boots0.84%
Belschnickel's artificial beard0.84%
J. Hancock's belt0.84%
Belschnickel's alpine ibex0.84%
Little Britches' small knife0.84%
Emiliano Zapata's sabre0.84%
Belschnickel's boots0.84%
David C. McCanles' scarf0.84%
Emiliano Zapata's chukka boots0.83%
Joaquin Murrieta's saddle0.83%
J. Dickinson's scarf0.83%
David C. McCanles's gun0.83%
David C. McCanles's pants0.83%
Joaquin Murrieta's jeans0.83%
Sullyvan's leather pants0.83%
Joaquin Murrieta's jacket0.83%
Belschnickel's bag with toys0.83%
Moonshiner's dungarees pants0.83%
J. Adams's hat0.83%
Moonshiner's revolver0.83%
Sullyvan's moccasins0.83%
Little Britches' revolver0.83%
David C. McCanles's boots0.83%
J. Dickinson's horse0.83%
Mountain Farmer's belt0.83%
Joaquin Murrieta's horse0.83%
Henry Hooker's hat0.82%
J. Dickinson's red suit0.82%
Preacher's boots0.82%
Joaquin Murrieta's pepper-box revolver0.82%
Belschnickel's belt0.82%
Belschnickel's knout0.82%
J. Hancock's scarf0.82%
Belschnickel's hat0.81%
Emiliano Zapata's sport coat0.81%
Moonshiner's belt0.81%