Chest - A small glass tube

The number of the chests opened: 374944
The number of gained items: 374915
The envelop9.93%
1st piece of the letter9.25%
4th piece of the letter9.03%
2nd piece of the letter9.01%
3rd piece of the letter8.95%
40 Bonds3.33%
One piece of special ammunition3.03%
Three golden horseshoes3.02%
Red liquid3%
Life juice2.99%
Liquid life2.04%
Higher speed bonus medal2.03%
Energy bonus medal2%
Income bonus medal2%
Two golden horseshoes1.99%
Two pieces of special ammunition1.98%
A bit of red liquid1.97%
90 Bonds1.97%
Character bonus medal1.97%
Automation bonus medal1.95%
Will Munny's bag1.03%
Three pieces of lard1.01%
Weapon chest1.01%
A little bit of red liquid1.01%
A golden horseshoe1.01%
Weapon delivery1.01%
Ground rocket turtle shell1%
Three pieces of special ammunition1%
Jeremiah Johnson's bag1%
200 Bonds0.99%
Mate tea0.99%
Natty Bumppo's package0.99%
Four pieces of special ammunition0.98%
Bean and bacon soup0.53%