Chest - Mega Christmas Bag 2019

There's a chance to get one item from previous events we ran in 2019 or the Nick's items from Christmas set from 2019.

The number of the chests opened: 315399
The number of gained items: 315321
James B. Hickok's scarf1.14%
James B. Hickok's jacket1.14%
R. Sherman's belt1.14%
Tatanka's shirt1.1%
A. Hamilton's wig1.1%
Munich parade bow tie1.1%
Highlander's scythe1.1%
R. Livingston's horse1.1%
R. Sherman's jacket1.09%
Baker's shovel1.09%
Tatanka's belt1.09%
R. Livingston's bicorn hat1.09%
Highlander's boots1.08%
A. Hamilton's breeches1.08%
A. Hamilton's boots1.08%
R. Sherman's red breeches1.08%
Highlander's scarf1.08%
Munich parade conductor's baton1.08%
Tatanka's rifle1.08%
Nick's boots1.08%
Highlander's shirt1.08%
Baker's pastry board1.08%
R. Sherman's dog1.08%
Baker's basket1.08%
Nick's wooden hammer1.08%
Nick's jacket1.08%
Nick's pants1.08%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's shoes1.07%
R. Sherman's hat1.07%
Munich parade white gloves1.07%
J. McLaughlin's shoes1.07%
Tatanka's tomahawk1.07%
Munich parade hat1.07%
Baker's sandals1.07%
Nick's belt1.07%
Baker's pants1.07%
Munich parade red belt1.07%
J. McLaughlin's bowler1.07%
Tatanka's moccasins1.07%
James B. Hickok's pants1.07%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's belt1.07%
Nick's scythe1.07%
Baker's apron1.06%
Munich parade garland1.06%
Munich parade red jacket1.06%
Nick's glass1.06%
Baker's hat1.06%
R. Livingston's saddle1.06%
Highlander's hat1.06%
Highlander's pants1.06%
Baker's scarf1.06%
R. Sherman's collar scarf1.06%
Tatanka's breastplate1.06%
R. Sherman's loafers1.06%
Highlander's pipe1.06%
Baker's shirt1.06%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's hat1.06%
Nick's owl1.06%
A. Hamilton's knotted kerchief1.05%
R. Sherman's statuette of Themis1.05%
J. McLaughlin's pants1.05%
R. Livingston's loafers1.05%
Tatanka's feathers1.05%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's rifle1.05%
J. McLaughlin's horse1.05%
J. McLaughlin's bow-tie1.05%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's knife1.05%
Nick's hat1.05%
J. McLaughlin's belt1.05%
R. Livingston's short pants1.05%
James B. Hickok's hat1.05%
R. Livingston's belt1.05%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's shirt1.05%
J. McLaughlin's saddle1.05%
A. Hamilton's saddle1.05%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's gun1.05%
A. Hamilton's gold belt1.04%
R. Livingston's scarf1.04%
A. Hamilton's jacket1.04%
Nick's cane1.04%
J. McLaughlin's jacket1.04%
Highlander's alphorn1.04%
Highlander's belt1.04%
R. Livingston's jacket1.03%
James B. Hickok's shoes1.03%
Nick's scarf1.03%
Tatanka's revolver1.03%
A. Hamilton's horse1.03%
James B. Hickok's belt1.03%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's scarf1.03%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's skirt1.03%
Munich parade pants1.02%
Tatanka's pants1.02%
Munich parade shoes1.01%