Chest - Snowballs 2021

The number of the chests opened: 596319
The number of gained items: 596219
Winter stones collection cards12.57%
Curling player's pants10%
Curling player's shoes9.77%
Curling stone9.66%
Curling broom9.4%
Fortune cookie2.71%
Blue magic potion2.51%
Ghosts of Christmas chest2.19%
Christmas 2012 Chest2.1%
Winter chest2.07%
Life juice2.06%
3 day VIP Longtimer2.06%
Income bonus medal2.03%
Energy bonus medal1.87%
Automation bonus medal1.86%
Pumpkin cake1.86%
Liquid life1.86%
Pumpkin soup1.84%
200 Bonds1.81%
Red magic potion1.81%
Character bonus medal1.8%
Dollar boost1.17%
Christmas 2015 Chest1.1%
40 Bonds1.01%
Luck boost1%
Product boost0.99%
Experience boost0.8%
Valentinus' blazoned stallion0.64%
Valentinus' holey tomahawk0.58%
Christmas 2016 Chest0.56%
90 Bonds0.53%
Valentinus' boots0.49%
Cupid's bow0.47%
Cupid's diaper0.43%
Valentinus' decent shirt0.42%
Cupid's cloud0.4%
Cupid's wings0.38%
Valentinus' holey belt0.37%
Cupid's arrow of love0.37%
First Aid Kit0.36%
Valentinus' leather pants0.36%
Cupid's winged boots0.36%
Cupid's quiver0.35%
Valentinus' bull ribbon0.35%
Valentinus' long gun0.35%
Valentinus' leather hat 0.35%
Cupid's locks0.35%
Valentinus' letter bag0.35%
Cupid's heart necklace0.34%
Valentinus' ivory revolver0.34%
Cupid's chest of love0.18%
Romeo's chest0.18%
Valentines' chest0.17%
Carnival chest0.04%