Kovčeg - Mega Christmas Bag 2017

There's a chance to get one item from previous events we ran in 2017 or the complete Christmas set from 2017.

Broj otvorenih kovčega: 177188
The number of gained items: 177168
Benjamin Franklin's coat1.1%
Butch Cassidy's belt1.08%
Butch Cassidy's shoes1.08%
Hernan Cortes' musket1.07%
Nahuatl's pants1.07%
Nahuatl's belt1.07%
Amish pants1.07%
Benjamin Franklin's tie1.07%
Pat Garrett's rifle1.06%
John Wesley Hardin's revolver1.06%
Pat Garrett's hat1.06%
Henry Miller's shoes1.06%
Nahuatl's jacket1.06%
Amish tie1.06%
Henry Miller's pistol1.05%
Amish vest1.05%
John Wesley Hardin's rifle1.05%
William Penn's flintlock1.05%
Benjamin Franklin's document1.05%
Nahuatl's neck cloth1.04%
Francisco Pizarro's saddle1.04%
Henry Miller's coat1.04%
William Penn's scarf1.04%
Pat Garrett's belt1.04%
Francisco Pizarro's helmet1.04%
William Penn's hat1.04%
Hernan Cortes' horse1.04%
Butch Cassidy's tie1.04%
John Wesley Hardin's hat1.04%
Butch Cassidy's rifle1.04%
Butch Cassidy's knife1.04%
Francisco Pizarro's collar1.04%
Henry Miller's belt1.04%
William Penn's gun1.03%
John Wesley Hardin's shoes1.03%
Pat Garrett's revolver1.03%
Pat Garrett's vest1.03%
Francisco Pizarro's shoes1.03%
Butch Cassidy's hat1.03%
Henry Miller's knife1.03%
William Penn's coat1.03%
Benjamin Franklin's hat1.03%
Hernan Cortes' belt1.03%
Hernan Cortes' armor1.03%
Hernan Cortes' revolver1.03%
Pat Garrett's knife1.03%
John Wesley Hardin's pants1.03%
Pat Garrett's scarf1.03%
Henry Miller's pants1.03%
Benjamin Franklin's pants1.03%
Hernan Cortes' collar1.03%
Henry Miller's hat1.03%
John Wesley Hardin's tie1.03%
Amish shoes1.02%
Pat Garrett's pants1.02%
Benjamin Franklin's shoes1.02%
William Penn's sword1.02%
Amish carriage1.02%
Hernan Cortes' short sword1.02%
Hernan Cortes' pants1.02%
Juan Ponce de León's hat1.02%
William Penn's belt1.02%
Benjamin Franklin's belt1.02%
Francisco Pizarro's pants1.02%
Francisco Pizarro's belt1.02%
Francisco Pizarro's horse1.02%
Francisco Pizarro's armor1.01%
John Wesley Hardin's coat1.01%
Amish hat1.01%
Amish horse1.01%
Hernan Cortes' shoes1.01%
Butch Cassidy's pants1.01%
Voodoo doll1.01%
Nahuatl's horse1.01%
Hernan Cortes' saddle1.01%
Nahuatl's sandals1.01%
Butch Cassidy's revolver1%
John Wesley Hardin's belt1%
William Penn's pants1%
Henry Miller's tie1%
John Wesley Hardin's knife1%
Nahuatl's head band1%
Benjamin Franklin's dog1%
William Penn's shoes0.99%
Crossbow of death0.99%
Butch Cassidy's coat0.99%
Henry Miller's gun0.99%
Amish belt0.98%
The whip of death0.97%
Your testament0.91%
Indian war paint0.89%
Christmas 2017 chest0.88%
Matoaka's pants0.14%
Elf's pointed cap0.14%
Gnome's pointed cap0.14%
Elf's deer0.14%
Gnome's water colours0.14%
Elf's tights0.14%
Elf's dress0.13%
Elf's belt0.13%
Juan Ponce de León's saddle0.13%
Elf's bell0.13%
Juan Ponce de León's horse0.13%
Gnome's belt0.13%
Pat Garrett's shoes0.13%
Gnome's gift0.13%
Gnome's hammer0.13%
Elf's shoes0.13%
Elf's collar0.13%
Hernan Cortes' helmet0.13%
Elf's water colours0.12%
Matoaka's tunic0.12%
Gnome's shirt0.12%
Juan Ponce de León's collar0.12%
Matoaka's moccasins0.12%
Gnome's shoes0.12%
Juan Ponce de León's shoes0.12%
Gnome's pants0.12%
Juan Ponce de León's belt0.12%
Gnome's bell0.12%
Matoaka's necklace0.12%
Gnome's collar0.12%
Elf's gift0.12%
Juan Ponce de León's armor0.12%
Matoaka's belt0.12%
Elf's hammer0.12%
Matoaka's feathers0.11%
Juan Ponce de León's pants0.11%
Gnome's polar bear0.11%