TW-Calc Script

  • Notepad with alarm clock
  • Battle calc - calculation of your bonus in fort battle
  • Automatic battle calc
  • Calculation of highest and lowest duellable level (Duel calc)
  • Calculator of amount of XP obtained from duel
  • Crafting list

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari


Google Chrome
The easiest way to install Westcalc on Google chrome is installing extension Tampermonkey. You can download it in Chrome store.

Video turtorial

Mozilla Firefox - Download Greasmonkey

Opera - Download Tampermonkey

Safari - Download Tampermonkey

This script collects anonymous data from tombola spins and opened chests.

TW-Calc Script on GitHub TW-Calc on GitHub
If you want to contribute to the script with new feature, visit our github repository.


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