Most recently added sets
Caleb rozparovač's set
Bonnie's set
Clyde's horse and wagon train
Clyde's weapon set
Clyde's clothes set
Nick's weapon set
JerzNero's Set
Nick's owl and wine glass
Nick's weapon set

Basic sets

Dancer's set
Farmer's set
Gentleman's set
Indian's set
Mexican's set
Pilgrim's set
Pilgrim's dress set
Charlatan's set
Firefighter set
Holiday set
Golden set
Greenhorn set
TW-Times Set
Collector's set
Fair set
Soap opera set
Shiny Golden Weapon set

Sets from game events

Wood magician's set
Easter bunny set
Walker set
Cupid's set
Party set
Christopher' s parade set
Eight-hour day supply
Prairie Set
Confederate Set
The Set with no name
Adventurer Set
Duel Set
Worker Set
Soldier Set
Nightmare set
Lone Rider
Winter Gear
Winter Tools
Gonzales' Speedstar set
Ghosts of Christmas set
Colcord's Set
Nicolas' clothes
Nicolas' horse and toys
St. Patrick's set
The Outlaw's gear
Use next time
Gambler's Charms
Wright brothers' set
Ded Moroz set
Ded Moroz product and animal
Ded Moroz weapons
Cook's item set
Wright Brother's clothes set
Cook's animal set
American Football set
Pirate set
Prison Brother's set
Prison Brother's animal set
Lonesome Cowboy set
Lonesome Cowboy's animal and saddle
Lonesome Cowboy's weapons
Clown set
Clown's animal and product
Clown's weapons
Gnome set
Gnome's bear and gift
Gnome's weapons
Elf set
Elf's deer and gift
Elf's weapons
2017 Fort battle set
2017 Fort battle animal and product
2017 Fort battle weapons
Carnival set
Green peacock and the feather
Lincoln's set
Golden horse set
American weapon's set
American animal set
American clothes set
Hawaiian set
Soccer fan's set
Blue soccer set
El Gringo's weapons
El Gringo's horse and saddle
El Gringo's set
Deputy chef's treasure
Deputy chef's set
Community event set
Lucille's weapon set
Lucille's horse and saddle
Western Friday set
Belschnickel's set
Belschnickel's weapon set
Belschnickel's ibex and tabacco pipe
The Summer Spirits
J. Fry's set
Western Friday Weapon set
Western Friday horse and saddle
Nick's clothes set
Nick's weapon set
Nick's owl and wine glass

Sets from tombola

Chingachgook's clothing
Natty Bumppo's clothing
Allan Quatermain's clothing
Chingachgook's weapons
Natty Bumppo's weapons
Allan Quatermain's weapons
Freeman's clothing
Doc's clothing
Cartwright's clothing
Freeman's horse and saddle
Doc's horse and saddle
Cartwright's horse and saddle
Will Munny's clothing
Jeremiah Johnson's clothing
Elfego Baca's clothing
Will Munny's weapons
Jeremiah Johnson's weapons
Elfego Baca's weapons
Fire and Ice
Frank Eaton's Clothes
George McJunkin's Clothes
King Fisher's Clothes
Traditional Bavarian Outfit
Frank Eaton's Weapons
George McJunkin's Weapons
King Fisher's Weapons
Thunder and lightning
Valentine's gear
Lover's set
Valentine's gear
Clothing of Independence
Cullen Baker's weapons
Bass Reeves' weapons
Pat Desmond's weapons
Easter Showdown set
Cullen Baker's set
Bass Reeves' set
Pat Desmond's set
Steam and Punk
Black Bart's set
Bob Dalton's set
Jesse Chisholm's set
Black Bart's horse and saddle
Bob Dalton's horse and saddle
Jesse Chisholm's horse and saddle
Thomas Jefferson's Independence set
Nihon no Buki
Bill Doolin's set
Deadwood Dick's set
Frank James' set
Bill Doolin's horse and saddle
Deadwood Dick's horse and saddle
Frank James' horse and saddle
Ludwig's Oktoberfest set
Manitu's weapons
La Catrina set
El Mariachi set
Nobleman's set
Aztecan set
Nobleman's horse and saddle
Aztecan horse and saddle
Nobleman's weapons
Aztecan weapons
Romeo Oh Romeo
Bartender's Set
Wyatt Earp's Set
Flint Eastwood's Set
Eric Pinter's Set
Jerry Easter's Set
Steaming weapons
Prospector's set
Scout's set
Builder's set
Prospector's horse and pan
Scout's horse and saddle
Builder's horse and saddle
Parade set
Wild Bill's Collection
Collin's set
Corey's set
Aird's set
Collin's weapons
Corey's weapons
Aird's weapons
Bali weapon set
Johann's set
W.H. Rowe's set
P.A. Gordon's set
Skarunyate's set
W.H. Rowe's weapons
P.A. Gordon's weapons
Skarunyate's weapons
P.A. Gordon's horse and saddle
Skarunyate's accompaniment
Juan's set
Juan's horse and painting
Crow's set
Detective's clothing
Wanderer's clothing
Shawnee's clothing
Tlingit Dancer's set
Detective's weapons
Wanderer's weapons
Shawnee's weapons
Tribal artifacts
Blacksmith's set
Chinese cart runner's set
Stranger from the North's set
Wolfman's set
Good old West's collection
Robert Lee's set
Pancho Villa's set
Tuko-See-Mathla's set
Fridolin's set
Wheel lock Militaria's set
Robert Lee's weapons
Pancho Villa's weapons
Tuko-See-Mathla's weapons
Dead man walking
Dead man walking weapons
Mexican dancer's set
Mexican dancer's yield and animal
Mexican dancer's weapons
Hombre's set
Hombre's yield and animal
Hombre's weapons
John Rolfe's set
Rolfe's animal set
Matoaka's set
Butch Cassidy's set
Butch Cassidy's weapon set
Hawaii weapons set
John Wesley Hardin's set
John Wesley Hardin's weapon set
Mayan's set
Pat Garret's set
Pat Garrett's weapon set
Benjamin Franklin's set
Benjamin Franklin's animal set
Francisco Pizarro's set
Francisco Pizarro's animal set
Juan Ponce de León's set
Juan Ponce de León's animal set
Saturiwa's set
Flintlock set
Amish set
Amish animal set
William Penn's set
William Penn's weapons
Henry Miller's set
Henry Miller's weapons
Bavarian Set
Dirndl Set
Landsknecht set
Groom's set
Groom's weapons
Hernan Cortes' set
Hernan Cortes' horse and saddle
Hernan Cortes' weapons
Nahuatl's set
Nahuatl's animal and doll
Nahuatl's weapons
Provincial doctor's set
Provincial doctor's dog and bag
Sullyvan's set
Henry Hooker's set
Henry Hooker's weapons
David C. McCanles' set
David C. McCanles' weapons
Little Britches's set
Little Britches' weapons
Gaucho's set
Assiniboine Weapon's set
John Hancock's set
John Hancock's dog and book
John Dickinson's set
John Dickinson's horse and saddle
John Adams's set
John Adams's horse and saddle
Independence Hero's weapons
George Washington's set
Moonshiner's set
Moonshiner's weapon set
Mountain Farmer's set
Mountain Farmer's weapons set
Preacher's set
Preacher's weapons set
Shepherd's set
Shepherdess's set
Old German weapon set
Emiliano Zapata's set
Emiliano Zapata's horse and saddle
Emiliano Zapata's weapon set
Joaquin Murrieta's set
Joaquin Murrieta's horse and saddle
Joaquin Murrieta's weapon set
Dead Hawk Dancer's set
White Hawk and totem
Dead Hawk Dancer's weapon set
James B. Hickok's set
Martha J. Cannary's set
Martha J. Cannary's weapon set
Martha J. Cannary's horse and saddle
Union Officer's set
Union Officer's weapon set
J. McLaughlin's set
Tatanka's set
Tatanka's weapon set
J. McLaughlin's horse and saddle
Phoebe A. Mosey's set
Phoebe A. Mosey's weapon set
Thomas A. Edison's set
Thomas A. Edison's weapon set
Thomas A. Edison's horse and saddle
Mohican's weapons
Robert R. Livingston's clothing set
Robert R. Livingston's horse and saddle
Roger Sherman's clothing set
Roger Sherman's dog and statuette
Alexander Hamilton's clothing set
Alexander Hamilton's horse and saddle
The patriot's female set
The patriot's male set
The patriot's horse and saddle
The patriot's weapon set
Pearly weapon set
American army set
Munich parade set
Munich parade weapon set
Highlander's set
Highlander's weapon set
Baker's set
Baker's weapon set
Courtier's set
King's weapon set
Lady-in-waiting set
Spiritualist's set
Spiritualist's cat and pouch
Spiritualist's weapon set
Vaquero's set
Vaquero's horse and saddle
Vaquero's weapon set
Musical cowgirl's set
Musical cowgirl's horse and saddle
Musical cowgirl's weapon set
Clyde's clothes set
Clyde's weapon set
Clyde's horse and wagon train
Bonnie's set

Custom sets

Charles Goodnight's clothing
Snowi's clothing
Akoya Perle's clothing
Dark Templar's clothing
Giony4you's clothing
MatsaColthan's clothing
Destroy-your-enemy's clothing
Orichyto's clothing
Presi's clothing
Stella del West's clothing
Merlin's clothing
Svetlanaili's clothing
Lucabadoer's clothing
Luckyday's clothing
Texaslady's clothing
M.e.t.a's clothing
Hassan's clothing
Dorafixs clothing
Txanketes Kleider
Chiński Hodowca Jajs Kleider
Xque69s Kleider
Montxis Kleider
GogoBooms Kleider
Nuggeters Kleider
R0MPEHUES0Ss Kleider
Damed's clothing
Flopsinchens Kleider
Kolac015s clothing
Deanie OBanion's clothing
Mrs. Dreamer's clothing
Wolfskin's clothing
Chilerich's clothing
Killstreak1's clothing
Olga's clothing
Bounty Killer JerzNero
Father Jack's clothing
M.e.t.a's clothing
Volka's clothing
R0MPEHUES0S's clothing
Agent Pinky's Kleider
Agent Brain's dress
Bimsbime's set
Rhomer's set
Ninja123's set
Lord LaMar's set
Bimsbime's set
Meischada's set
JerzNero's Set
Nick's weapon set
Caleb rozparovač's set