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Fan website dedicated to the popular InnoGames browser game - The West. You can find here many useful calculators (like Battle Calc or Duel calc), charts, quests, crafting, jobs, tombola and many other features. You can import your battle stats, skills, inventory and share it with you friends using import script.

Last game event
Gift Hunt and Holiday Sale 2020
16. Dec 2020 - 7. Jan 2021 Beta: 9. Dec 2020 - 7. Jan 2021
Most recently added items
Most recently added sets
Santa's weapon set
Santa's reindeer and sleigh
Matoaka's clothing set
The West fan clothing set
One of a kind set
J. Cortina's horse and saddle
J. Cortina weapon's set
J. Cortina clothing set
G. Cortez's weapon's set
Most recently added chests