Chest - Tonic Peddler's recipes

The number of the chests opened: 223
The number of gained items: 10704
Instructions: Bake 15th birthday cake100%
Instructions: Write ghostly music100%
Instructions: Tinker a health puppet100%
Instructions: Manufacture flax fiber100%
Instructions: Brew a potency remedy100%
Instructions: Craft illuminating ammo100%
Instructions: Craft disappearing ink100%
Instructions: Fabled antidote100%
Instructions: Glowing mixture100%
Instructions: Brew fine liquor100%
Instructions: Mix hair lotion100%
Instructions: Concoct a wonder tincture100%
Instructions: Finish a metal skull100%
Instructions: Prepare food coloring100%
Instructions: Fruit juice100%
Instructions: A fever medicine100%
Instructions: Innovative dessert in a jar 100%
Instructions: Red fruit aroma100%
Instructions: Make a citrus extract100%
Instructions: Create a dream-catcher100%
Instructions: Print fiscal acts100%
Instructions: Prepare a remedy against torments100%
Instructions: Produce strong acid and lye100%
Instructions: Mix snake oil100%
Instructions: Create an amulet100%
Instructions: Prepare moonshine100%
Instructions: Prepare various distillates100%
Instructions: Create an idol100%
Instructions: Prepare petroleum100%
Instructions: Prepare ink100%
Instructions: Produce sulfuric acid100%
Instructions: Prepare stomach medicine100%
Instructions: Produce pipe brush100%
Instructions: Extract resin100%
Extract sulfur100%
Instructions: Tea blend100%
Instructions: Mix chewing tobacco100%
Instructions: Create pyrite disc100%
Instructions: Cut rough pyrite100%
Instructions: Roll a cigarette100%
Instructions: Prepare rose water100%
Instructions: Construct a pair of compasses100%
Instructions: Recycle paper100%
Instructions: Brew herbal brew100%
Instructions: Prepare lye100%
Instructions: Create battery100%
Instructions: Brew fruit liqueur100%
Prepare tinderbox100%