Chest - Blacksmith's recipes

The number of the chests opened: 189
The number of gained items: 9261
Instructions: Bake 15th birthday cake100%
Instructions: Forge a lantern100%
Instructions: Craft a honey press100%
Instructions: Craft glass100%
Instructions: Craft Wells Fargo equipment100%
Instructions: Craft a utility knife100%
Instructions: Craft the notorious Colt "The Westerner"100%
Instructions: Golden music box100%
Instructions: Watchmaker's tools100%
Instructions: Create modern armour100%
Instructions: Create hip flask100%
Instructions: Make a booby trap100%
Instructions: Fabricate a dress mannequin100%
Instructions: Produce 15th birthday topper100%
Instructions: Metal bottle plug100%
Instructions: Improved spurs100%
Instructions: Innovative dessert in a jar 100%
Instructions: A metal straw and a dessert spoon100%
Instructions: Create a baking mold100%
Instructions: Forge a cavalry saber100%
Instructions: Build a viewfinder100%
Instructions: Harden steel100%
Instructions: Produce an advanced toolbox100%
Instructions: Cast rust-proof bolts100%
Instructions: Mix graphite lubricant100%
Instructions: Crush graphite powder100%
Instructions: Cast a marble100%
Instructions: Create lead figurine100%
Instructions: Create an anvil100%
Instructions: Melt lead100%
Instructions: Cast steel100%
Instructions: Prepare a weightstone100%
Instructions: Create a bayonet 100%
Instructions: Create a knife100%
Instructions: Melt iron100%
Instructions: Create a pan100%
Instructions: Produce rivets100%
Instructions: Create a hilt100%
Instructions: Extract graphite100%
Instructions: Sharpen a blade100%
Instructions: Create a polishing stone100%
Instructions: Open a geode100%
Instructions: Make an ornament100%
Instructions: Cast a steel blade100%
Instructions: Create a revolver mould100%
Instructions: Create a handle100%
Instructions: Create a weapon chain100%
Instructions: Create a cooling cloth100%
Production of charcoal100%