Chest - Master Saddler's recipes

The number of the chests opened: 163
The number of gained items: 7824
Instructions: Bake 15th birthday cake100%
Instructions: Craft an ammunition slide100%
Instructions: Build a traveling carriage100%
Instructions: Bind a notebook100%
Instructions: Craft Tapestry100%
Instructions: Repair a saddle100%
Instructions: Craft a racing coach100%
Instructions: Pony express saddlery100%
Instructions: Weightless leather100%
Instructions: Create ornate holster100%
Instructions: Prepare robust reins100%
Instructions: Build Maria Roalstad's Stagecoach100%
Instructions: Write a song of The West100%
Instructions: Produce cake decorations100%
Instructions: Bottle cover100%
Instructions: Leather saddlebags100%
Instructions: Innovative dessert in a jar 100%
Instructions: A wooden cake plateau100%
Instructions: Create a wooden whisk100%
Instructions: Create a leather coat100%
Instructions: Fabricate armor for the mount100%
Instructions: Produce a belt with straps100%
Instructions: Make a cloth crate100%
Instructions: Mix fine dubbin100%
Instructions: Create a feed bag100%
Instructions: Construct a stirrup100%
Instructions: Produce a compass frame100%
Instructions: Branding Iron100%
Instructions: Prepare leather cover100%
Instructions: Prepare filling100%
Instructions: Strip the covering from a saddle100%
Instructions: Prepare concentrate100%
Instructions: Shoe a hoof100%
Instructions: Create a chopping board100%
Instructions: Create a leather strap100%
Instructions: Construct a spur100%
Instructions: Construct a bridle100%
Instructions: Sew a leather bag100%
Instructions: Tan leather100%
Instructions: Sew a travel bag100%
Instructions: Create gem-studded saddle pommel100%
Instructions: Brew aiming elixir100%
Instructions: Construct a wagon wheel100%
Instructions: Construct a wagon part100%
Instructions: Ornamentation of leather products100%
Instructions: Sew horse blanket100%
Instructions: Sew sleeping bag100%
Instructions: Create a canteen100%