Chest - Field Cook's recipes

The number of the chests opened: 181
The number of gained items: 8507
Instructions: Bake 15th birthday cake100%
Instructions: Brew honey wine100%
Instructions: Mix honey100%
Instructions: Mix cactus juice100%
Instructions: Brew Grog100%
Instructions: Bake spicy chewing gum100%
Instructions: Bake Hushpuppies100%
Instructions: Cook the hottest chili in the West100%
Instructions: Prepare canned beans100%
Instructions: Cook spare ribs100%
Instructions: Mix cocktails100%
Instructions: Produce flavored bubble gum100%
Instructions: Cook a Miners' burger100%
Instructions: Bake a cake dough100%
Instructions: Sweet base100%
Instructions: French breakfast 100%
Instructions: Innovative dessert in a jar 100%
Instructions: Dessert decoration100%
Instructions: Make butter100%
Instructions: Produce Castello cheese100%
Instructions: Produce compost100%
Instructions: Make a fruit cocktail100%
Instructions: Brew goulash100%
Instructions: Dry meat100%
Instructions: Cook baked beans100%
Instructions: Brew a fish stock100%
Instructions: Bake a cake100%
Instructions: Brew liquor100%
Instructions: Marinate a steak100%
Instructions: Dough100%
Prepare mash100%
Cook jam100%
Stew beans and bacon100%
Jug of water100%
Instructions: Prepare a roast turkey100%
Cook fish soup100%
Cook vegetable dumplings100%
Instructions: Cook tomato sauce100%
Instructions: Cook tomato puree100%
Instructions: Bake slice of cake100%
Cook gentleman's dinner100%
A fish wrapped in newspaper100%
Prepare sauce100%
Produce incense100%
Prepare dried cod100%
Prepare mince100%
Preparation of corn flour100%