Chest - Holiday gift

Who did place it here...?

The number of the chests opened: 964528
The number of gained items: 964486
A box with collection card10.98%
Waupee's name9.21%
Maya's name9.18%
John's name9.15%
Henry's name9.14%
Product boost2.81%
Character bonus medal2.81%
Can of spinach2.77%
Luck boost2.76%
Experience boost2.76%
Higher speed bonus medal2.75%
Income bonus medal2.75%
Automation bonus medal2.74%
40 Bonds2.74%
Energy bonus medal2.73%
Dollar boost2.71%
Ground rocket turtle shell1.85%
Liquid life1.84%
Life juice1.84%
90 Bonds1.83%
Mate tea1.82%
Energy box0.92%
200 Bonds0.92%
Recipe Book0.91%
Ratatouille with fish0.9%
3 day VIP Longtimer0.89%