Chest - Small Awesomia chest

Contains a buff of up to 40 bonds.

The number of the chests opened: 2883
The number of gained items: 2883
A golden horseshoe18.24%
Two golden horseshoes8.26%
Three golden horseshoes5.76%
One piece of special ammunition5.2%
Life juice4.58%
Strongly greasing weapon oil3.19%
Improved sturdy rear sight3.05%
Simple work instructions2.95%
Robust shoulder stock2.95%
Greasing weapon oil2.81%
Liquid life2.74%
Trivial work instructions2.71%
Improved rear sight2.67%
Green letter2.64%
Trivial detailed work instructions2.64%
Three pieces of special ammunition2.64%
Shimmering weapon oil2.64%
Two pieces of special ammunition2.53%
40 Bonds2.5%
Mate tea2.39%
Health elixir2.29%
Soap water2.25%