Chest - Mega Christmas bag 2021

There's a chance to get one item from previous events we ran in 2021 or the Merry's items from Holiday set from 2021.

The number of the chests opened: 131547
The number of gained items: 131547
Carl's shirt1.08%
Carl's blow gun1.08%
Michael's pants1.07%
James Wilson’s scarf 1.07%
Thomas' sword1.07%
Thomas' shoes1.06%
Merry hat1.06%
Michael's bowtie1.05%
Johnny Behan's jacket1.05%
James Wilson’s pants 1.05%
Benjamin Rush's scarf1.05%
Benjamin Rush's horse1.05%
Alfred's shoes1.05%
Michael's knife1.05%
Alfred's hat1.04%
Carl's pants1.04%
Merry wagon1.04%
Johnny Behan's revolver1.04%
Merry scarf1.04%
Merry cactus1.04%
Merry belt1.04%
Johnny Behan's tie1.04%
Michael's boots1.03%
Carl's boots1.03%
Carl's bow1.03%
Bill Brocius' shotgun1.03%
Benjamin Rush’s hat 1.02%
Benjamin Rush’s jacket 1.02%
Michael's rifle1.02%
Benjamin Rush’s pants 1.02%
Benjamin Rush’s boots 1.02%
Michael's hat1.02%
Bill Brocius' boots1.02%
Alfred's revolver1.02%
Merry saxophone1.02%
Thomas' jacket1.02%
Bill Brocius' pants1.02%
Alfred's belt1.02%
Johnny Behan's hat1.02%
Carl's belt1.02%
Josephine's shoes1.01%
Carl's scarf1.01%
Bill Brocius' hat1.01%
Merry gift bag1.01%
James Wilson’s belt 1.01%
Josephine's corset1.01%
Johnny Behan's pants1.01%
Samuel Adams' pants 1.01%
Merry horse1.01%
Bill Brocius' shirt1.01%
Carl's knife1.01%
Thomas' belt1.01%
Johnny Behan's knife1.01%
Samuel Adams' scarf 1.01%
Carl's pith helmet1%
Josephine's necklace1%
Benjamin Rush's saddle1%
Johnny Behan's belt1%
Johnny Behan's rifle1%
Josephine's hat1%
Samuel Adams' belt 1%
Bill Brocius' scarf1%
Alfred's tie1%
Johnny Behan's boots1%
Michael's belt1%
Alfred's rifle1%
Samuel Adams' shoes 0.99%
Samuel Adams' hat 0.99%
James Wilson’s jacket 0.99%
James Wilson’s boots 0.99%
Alfred's shirt and vest0.99%
Thomas' top-hat0.99%
Merry shirt0.99%
Merry boots0.99%
James Wilson’s glasses 0.99%
Samuel Adams' saddle 0.99%
Michael's revolver0.99%
Bill Brocius' revolver0.99%
Alfred's sword0.98%
Samuel Adams' jacket 0.98%
Samuel Adams' horse 0.98%
Josephine's skirt0.98%
James Wilson’s dog 0.98%
Merry pants0.98%
Bill Brocius' knife0.98%
Bill Brocius' belt0.97%
James Wilson’s hat 0.97%
Alfred's pants0.97%
Michael's shirt0.96%
Thomas' pants0.96%
Benjamin Rush’s belt 0.96%
Thomas' flintlock pistol0.95%
Thomas' scarf0.95%
Josephine's belt0.93%
Jaguar warrior's macahuitl0.23%
Ron's shoes0.22%
Ron's belt0.22%
Ron's Blunderbuss Rifle0.22%
Jaguar warrior's sandals0.22%
Jaguar warrior's shield0.21%
Ron's Messer0.21%
Jaguar warrior's bow0.21%
Ron's Iguana0.21%
Ron's pants0.21%
Ron's marimba0.21%
Ron's shirt0.21%
Jaguar warrior's shirt0.21%
Ron's hat0.21%
Mexican Jaguar0.21%
Jaguar warrior's pants0.21%
Jaguar warrior's knife0.2%
Ron's Flintlock Blunderbuss pistol0.2%
Ron's scarf0.19%
Jaguar warrior's necklace0.19%
Thomas' rifle0.19%
Jaguar warrior's head0.19%
Jaguar warrior's belt0.18%
Johnny Behan's saddle0.04%
Michael's horse0.03%
Johnny Behan's horse0.03%
Bill Brocius' horse0.03%
Michael's saddle0.03%