Chest - Snowflake

The number of the chests opened: 364693
The number of gained items: 364693
True winter collection card11.85%
Piece of brown fabric9.81%
Chest full of salt9.8%
Fortune cookie2.99%
Life juice2.9%
Valentine's rose cake2%
Blue magic potion1.99%
Valentine's chocolate box1.98%
Romeo's chest1.97%
Christmas 2015 Chest1.97%
Energy bonus medal1.97%
Winter stones collection cards1.96%
Juan's chest1.96%
Red magic potion1.96%
Income bonus medal1.96%
Ghosts of Christmas chest1.95%
Liquid life1.94%
40 Bonds1.94%
Character bonus medal1.93%
Christmas gingerbread house1.93%
Automation bonus medal1.93%
Plum cake1.93%
John Rolfe's chest1.9%
90 Bonds0.99%
Dollar boost0.98%
Luck boost0.97%
Product boost0.97%
Experience boost0.97%
Christmas 2016 Chest0.96%
Christmas 2017 Chest0.6%
3 day VIP Longtimer0.5%
First Aid Kit0.48%
200 Bonds0.4%