Chest - Bag with documents

The number of the chests opened: 351047
The number of gained items: 351040
Independence town collection card9.19%
Best quality gun9.18%
Lots of cigars9.09%
Old medal9.05%
Life juice5.42%
Great-grandfather's pipe5.4%
Fortune cookie5.39%
Automation bonus medal3.66%
Character bonus medal3.65%
40 Bonds3.65%
Income bonus medal3.63%
Energy bonus medal3.61%
Liquid life3.6%
Product boost2.01%
Experience boost2%
Dollar boost1.95%
Luck boost1.92%
90 Bonds1.84%
Well-filled calumet1.77%
Can of spinach1.09%
3 day VIP Longtimer1.07%
200 Bonds0.92%
Shawnee's chest0.75%
Detective's chest0.74%
Wyatt Earp's chest0.74%
Flint Eastwood's chest0.73%
Eric Pinter's chest0.73%
Wanderer's chest0.72%
First Aid Kit0.53%
Energy box0.35%
Bill Doolin's chest0.06%