Chest - Nice Holiday Bag

The number of the chests opened: 1016
The number of gained items: 1012
Josephine's shoes1.48%
Locomotive engineer's overalls1.38%
James Wilson’s boots 1.08%
Captain's bow tie1.08%
Fisherman's belt1.08%
Captain's flintlock1.08%
Samuel Adams' jacket 1.08%
J. Hancock's dog1.08%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's knife0.98%
Fisherman's fish net0.98%
Paul Revere's scarf0.98%
James Wilson’s jacket 0.98%
James Wilson’s belt 0.98%
Locomotive engineer's hat0.98%
Santa's bow with arrows0.98%
Musical cowgirl's belt0.98%
Locomotive engineer's boots0.89%
Locomotive engineer's belt0.89%
Vaquero's revolver0.89%
Santa's hat0.89%
Santa's boots0.89%
J. Hancock's suit0.89%
Vaquero's pants0.89%
G. Cortez's flintlock0.89%
Vaquero's hat0.89%
Josephine's hat0.89%
Santa's revolver0.89%
Musical cowgirl's trumpet0.89%
Jaguar warrior's bow0.89%
Boatswain's pants0.79%
Vaquero's old shirt0.79%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's gun0.79%
Thomas' scarf0.79%
Boatswain's white belt0.79%
Vaquero's tie0.79%
Vaquero's belt0.79%
Musical cowgirl's mustang0.79%
James Wilson’s hat 0.79%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's scarf0.79%
Jaguar warrior's shield0.79%
Thomas' jacket0.79%
Samuel Adams' hat 0.79%
Boatswain's jackknife0.79%
Santa's belt0.79%
Locomotive engineer's gloves0.79%
J. Cortina's stunt gun0.79%
J. Cortina's belt0.79%
Boatswain's hat0.79%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's hat0.79%
G. Cortez's horse0.69%
Thomas' sword0.69%
G. Cortez's rifle0.69%
G. Cortez's shirt0.69%
J. Cortina's jacket0.69%
Thomas' rifle0.69%
Jaguar warrior's shirt0.69%
Musical cowgirl's boots0.69%
Musical cowgirl's accordion0.69%
G. Cortez's sword0.69%
Fisherman's fishing rod0.69%
G. Cortez's hat0.69%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's shirt0.69%
Johnny Behan's revolver0.69%
Johnny Behan's knife0.69%
Samuel Adams' belt 0.69%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's belt0.69%
Josephine's skirt0.69%
Paul Revere's boots0.69%
J. Cortina's pants0.69%
Fisherman's pants0.69%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's skirt0.59%
Samuel Adams' saddle 0.59%
Jaguar warrior's sandals0.59%
Paul Revere's belt0.59%
Locomotive engineer's S-wrench0.59%
Captain's hat0.59%
J. Hancock's scarf0.59%
Josephine's necklace0.59%
Thomas' flintlock pistol0.59%
Thomas' shoes0.59%
Vaquero's knives0.59%
Captain's pants0.59%
G. Cortez's suspenders0.59%
Fisherman's hat0.59%
J. Cortina's crossbow0.59%
James Wilson’s glasses 0.59%
Santa's jacket0.59%
Musical cowgirl's violin0.59%
J. Cortina's saber0.59%
Thomas' pants0.59%
J. Cortina's horse0.59%
J. Hancock's hat0.59%
G. Cortez's saddle0.59%
James Wilson’s pants 0.59%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's shoes0.59%
G. Cortez's boots0.59%
Musical cowgirl's saddle0.59%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's rifle0.59%
Santa's knife0.49%
Paul Revere's saddle0.49%
Vaquero's painted horse0.49%
Jaguar warrior's necklace0.49%
James Wilson’s scarf 0.49%
J. Cortina's hat0.49%
Captain's belt0.49%
Boatswain's shoes0.49%
J. Hancock's belt0.49%
Santa's white sleigh0.49%
Samuel Adams' shoes 0.49%
Johnny Behan's hat0.49%
Boatswain's muzzleloader0.49%
Johnny Behan's rifle0.49%
Captain's boots0.49%
Santa's necklace0.49%
Jaguar warrior's knife0.49%
Samuel Adams' horse 0.39%
Boatswain's telescope0.39%
Locomotive engineer's shirt0.39%
J. Cortina's saddle0.39%
Mexican Jaguar0.39%
Fisherman's jacket0.39%
Captain's deringer0.39%
Fisherman's boots0.39%
Thomas' belt0.39%
Samuel Adams' pants 0.39%
Johnny Behan's jacket0.39%
Musical cowgirl's corset0.39%
Johnny Behan's boots0.1%
Jaguar warrior's macahuitl0.39%
Johnny Behan's pants0.39%
J. Hancock's shoes0.39%
James Wilson’s dog 0.39%
Samuel Adams' scarf 0.39%
Paul Revere's horse0.39%
J. Hancock's pants0.39%
G. Cortez's pants0.39%
Boatswain's jacket0.39%
Vaquero's saddle0.39%
Santa's white reindeer0.39%
Musical cowgirl's hat0.3%
G. Cortez's jorongo0.3%
Paul Revere's pants0.3%
Johnny Behan's belt0.3%
Johnny Behan's tie0.3%
Captain's jacket0.3%
Fisherman's wicker basket0.3%
Jaguar warrior's pants0.3%
Josephine's belt0.3%
Jaguar warrior's head0.3%
Musical cowgirl's skirt0.3%
Santa's pants0.3%
Boatswain's scarf0.3%
J. Hancock's book0.3%
Locomotive engineer's bandana0.3%
Paul Revere's hat0.3%
Locomotive engineer's journal hook0.3%
Jaguar warrior's belt0.3%
J. Cortina's bowtie0.2%
Captain's saber0.2%
Josephine's corset0.2%
J. Cortina's shoes0.2%
Paul Revere's vest0.2%
Fisherman's scarf0.1%
Vaquero's rifle0.1%
Thomas' top-hat0.1%