Chest - Rare Easter chest

This chest contains a rare item from previous Easter events.

The number of the chests opened: 44514
The number of gained items: 43465
Little Britches' rifle2.44%
Henry Hooker's revolver2.38%
Henry Hooker's knife2.38%
David C. McCanles's sword2.37%
Little Britches' small knife2.37%
Little Britches' revolver~0%
David C. McCanles's gun2.34%
David C. McCanles's rifle2.28%
Henry Hooker's rifle2.28%
John Wesley Hardin's knife2.26%
Pat Garrett's rifle2.25%
Pat Garrett's knife2.24%
Butch Cassidy's knife2.19%
Butch Cassidy's revolver2.19%
Butch Cassidy's rifle2.14%
John Wesley Hardin's revolver2.14%
Pat Garrett's revolver2.11%
John Wesley Hardin's rifle2.08%
J. McLaughlin's horse1.91%
Tatanka's revolver1.89%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's knife1.82%
Detective's rifle1.79%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's rifle1.79%
Tatanka's rifle1.79%
Phoebe Ann Mosey's gun1.78%
Tatanka's tomahawk1.76%
Wanderer's Thunder1.75%
J. McLaughlin's saddle1.75%
Wanderer's knife1.71%
Shawnee's rifle1.7%
Shawnee's luger1.67%
Wanderer's rifle1.65%
Detective's club1.65%
Detective's revolver1.57%
Shawnee's tomahawk1.56%
Locomotive engineer's gloves1.28%
Bounty hunter's 24 barrel pistol1.26%
Bounty hunter's machete1.24%
Station manager's ticket punch1.24%
Locomotive engineer's S-wrench1.22%
Bounty hunter's Breech-loader1.22%
Station manager's dog1.21%
Locomotive engineer's journal hook1.16%
Old hunters rifle1.1%
Black adventure knife1.1%
Black rifle1.07%
Small caliber weapon1.07%
Old Smith & Wesson revolver1.07%
Small knife1.06%
Eastwood's rifle1.06%
Black revolver1.05%
Leather whip1%
Pat Desmond's rifle0.63%
Cullen Baker's revolver0.62%
Johnny Behan's revolver0.61%
Michael's knife0.6%
Bill Brocius' revolver0.59%
Johnny Behan's rifle0.59%
Cullen Baker's rifle0.59%
Johnny Behan's knife0.57%
Michael's revolver0.57%
Bill Brocius' shotgun0.56%
Bass Reeves' knife0.55%
Cullen Baker's razor0.55%
Bass Reeves' rifle0.54%
Bass Reeves' revolver0.54%
Michael's rifle0.54%
Bill Brocius' knife0.53%
Pat Desmond's dagger0.52%
Pat Desmond's revolver0.51%