Chest - The gifts of the earth

The number of the chests opened: 243036
The number of gained items: 243036
Harvest collection cards7.53%
Bucket for potatoes6.44%
Harvest shovels6.39%
Harvest sickle6.38%
Harvest pitchfork6.37%
Twelve year old whiskey5.09%
Well-filled calumet5.06%
Fresh tomato salad5.01%
Two golden horseshoes4.69%
Soap water3.87%
Indian war paint3.85%
Your testament3.84%
Life juice3.16%
Income bonus medal2.93%
Character bonus medal2.9%
Energy bonus medal2.89%
40 Bonds2.88%
Three golden horseshoes2.86%
Higher speed bonus medal2.83%
Automation bonus medal2.8%
Mate tea1.29%
Liquid life1.28%
90 Bonds0.61%
Diamond revolver0.2%
Fortune cookie0.19%
3 day VIP Longtimer0.19%
200 Bonds0.18%