Chest - Mega Christmas bag 2022

There's a chance to get one item from previous events we ran in 2022 or Cowboy's costume items from Holiday set from 2022.

The number of the chests opened: 204803
The number of gained items: 202688
Bob Younger's rifle1.11%
John Astor's jacket1.1%
N. K. Boswell's denim pants1.09%
Bob Younger's pants1.09%
Cowboy's toy lasso1.09%
Perry Owens' Knife1.09%
Sarah Astor's necklace1.09%
Paden Tolbert's Star1.08%
James Brooks' tie1.08%
Perry Owens' Pants1.08%
John Astor's beer mug1.08%
N. K. Boswell's bandana1.08%
Perry Owens' Shirt1.08%
Paden Tolbert's Hat1.08%
John Bull's scarf1.08%
Sarah Astor's purse1.07%
Perry Owens' Shawl1.07%
James Brooks' pants1.07%
Perry Owens' Rifle1.07%
Perry Owens' Boots1.07%
John Bull's horse1.07%
John Astor's knife1.07%
Charlie Bassett's Shoes1.07%
N. K. Boswell's hat1.07%
Charlie Bassett's Rifle1.07%
Paden Tolbert's Rifle1.07%
N. K. Boswell's rope1.07%
Charlie Bassett's Bow Tie1.07%
Bob Younger's shirt1.07%
N. K. Boswell's dog1.06%
Charlie Bassett's Belt1.06%
James Brooks' dog's collar1.06%
John Bull's hat1.06%
Cowboy's hobby horse1.06%
John Astor's belt1.06%
John Astor's silk tie1.06%
Angus' bandana1.06%
Paden Tolbert's Shirt1.06%
Bob Younger's pistol1.06%
Cowboy's costume leg guards1.06%
Sarah Astor's knife1.06%
John Astor's shoes1.06%
John Astor's Pistol1.06%
Bob Younger's boots1.06%
Charlie Bassett's Jacket1.06%
Cowboy's costume boots1.06%
John Bull's leather chaps1.05%
Cowboy's costume shirt1.05%
Angus' pants1.05%
Charlie Bassett's Knife1.05%
Paden Tolbert's Pistol1.05%
Bob Younger's knife1.05%
Paden Tolbert's Boots1.05%
Angus' boots1.05%
Sarah Astor's wreath1.05%
Paden Tolbert's Belt1.05%
Paden Tolbert's Pants1.05%
Angus' fur1.05%
Paden Tolbert's Knife1.05%
Charlie Bassett's Hat1.05%
N. K. Boswell's pull-on boots1.05%
Cowboy's costume belt1.05%
Charlie Bassett's Revolver1.05%
Bob Younger's hat1.05%
John Astor's hat1.05%
Charlie Bassett's Pants1.05%
Perry Owens' Pistol1.05%
Perry Owens' Belt1.05%
Sarah Astor's dirndl belt1.04%
John Bull's spurs1.04%
Perry Owens' Hat1.04%
John Astor's pants1.04%
John Bull's belt1.04%
Cowboy's toy slingshot1.04%
James Brooks' leather belt1.04%
James Brooks' waistcoat~0%
Sarah Astor's shoes1.03%
James Brooks' boots1.03%
Sarah Astor's dirndl blouse1.03%
James Brooks' dog1.03%
Bob Younger's bowtie1.03%
Bob Younger's belt1.03%
John Bull's shirt1.02%
Angus' hat1.02%
John Bull's cowboy boots1.02%
Cowboy's toy axe1.02%
N. K. Boswell's fur1.02%
Angus' belt1.01%
Cowboy's costume hat1.01%
James Brooks' top hat1%
Sarah Astor's dirndl1%
N. K. Boswell's suspenders1%
Sarah Astor's mug1%
Cowboy's costume bandana0.99%
Cowboy's toy pistol0.99%