Chest - Icicle

The number of the chests opened: 427976
The number of gained items: 427964
Winter collection card7.12%
Winter hat7.02%
Pouch of sugared almonds2.87%
Pumpkin cake2.84%
Pumpkin soup2.82%
Pudding with orange2.8%
Improved oiled loading chamber2.79%
Three golden horseshoes2.79%
Four pieces of special ammunition2.14%
Liquid life2.13%
Very large mojo2.13%
Health elixir2.11%
Christmas 2012 Chest2.11%
Can of spinach2.11%
Simple work instructions2.11%
Advanced work instructions2.1%
Expert work instructions2.1%
40 Bonds2.1%
Four golden horseshoes2.07%
Three pieces of special ammunition2.07%
Automation bonus medal1.45%
Character bonus medal1.44%
Income bonus medal1.43%
Energy bonus medal1.42%
Mate tea1.41%
90 Bonds1.39%
Winter chest1.38%
Indian rite necklace1.37%
3 day VIP Longtimer0.87%
Ghosts of Christmas chest0.7%
200 Bonds0.7%
Christmas 2015 Chest0.7%
Ratatouille with fish0.69%
Wild west chili0.68%