Chest - Cereals' ears

The number of the chests opened: 442361
The number of gained items: 442341
Cereals' ears collector card8.17%
Rusty coin6.34%
Rusty wheel6.3%
Broken sickle6.3%
Rusty horseshoe6.27%
Twelve year old whiskey5.01%
Fresh tomato salad5.01%
Well-filled calumet5%
Indian war paint3.82%
Your testament3.8%
Soap water3.76%
Day of the Dead 2016 Chest3.14%
Life juice3.14%
Automation bonus medal2.86%
Higher speed bonus medal2.83%
Energy bonus medal2.82%
40 Bonds2.81%
Income bonus medal2.8%
Character bonus medal2.79%
Day of the Dead 2017 Chest2.54%
Day of the Dead 2018 Chest1.88%
Liquid life1.28%
Mate tea1.24%
Day of the Dead 2019 Chest1.23%
90 Bonds0.64%
Can of spinach0.63%
Diamond revolver0.19%
3 day VIP Longtimer0.19%
200 Bonds0.19%
550 Bonds0.12%